Jul-Aug calendar: getting ready

your final months before starting college

July and August are vacation months. So have fun. But schedule time during the summer to get ready and finalize your financial needs. Good luck with college!

Below are six (6) quick summary tasks for the month of for the months before school starts :

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Quick Review Checklist

A brief checklist:

  • Confirm housing and dining options at your school.
  • Plan to attend any orientation programs at your school.
  • Have you found transportation while attending school?
  • Keep tabs on upcoming registration deadlines and fees.
  • Make sure your high school transcripts have been sent to your college.
  • Promptly complete any financial aid information sent to you by your college.
  • Do you have a computer for your school studies?

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Finding Additional Aid

You need to add up your financial aid position to analyze whether you have enough funds to pay for a full academic year:

Add Up Your Costs
Tuition and Fees
Enter $$$ You Now Have
Stafford Loans
PLUS Loans
Work Wages
Other Gift Aid
Personal Savings
Total Cost
Total Aid
Extra Funds Needed

If you need extra aid to close the gap between the cost of education and the amount of financial aid awarded, get a private student loan to make up the difference.

You can use the loan to pay for tuition, housing, transportation, books, computer, living expenses and more. Dial: 1-866-813-7760 for assistance.

when you need extra aid
View the "private student loan" module ...

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Getting Ready for School

School Registration:
Your college should notify you on important registration dates and requirements for first-time students. In you haven't received anything, or need clarification on some items, check with your college admissions office.

Class Registration:
Many colleges have online or mail-in class registration. Check your class requirements. Some colleges may allow credit for online courses sponsored by other colleges. This will give you the flexibility to arrange your schedule. Again, check with your admission's office.

Packing Up:
You need to "make-your-home" away from home. That means packing and gathering a few things. Download our FREE "Off-to-College" checklist of moving items you should consider taking to school.

Getting There:
You need to arrange your move to college. Will you be driving, taking the train or bus, or flying? Need to make those important travel arrangements.

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Managing Your Money

There will be a lot of money that will be changing hands over the next year. The question is how best to manage your funds:

  1. Setup a checking account with your family bank:
    Many banks offer FREE student checking accounts. Use your checking account for ATM access and check writing such as paying tuition and monthly rent.

  2. Use your credit card for everything else:
    Whenever possible, use your credit card to pay for everything else. Many merchants will not accept student checks, so your credit card will be necessary (avoid carrying cash).

  3. Setup a College Budget:
    Make sure you budget your college expenses. You want to avoid having to borrow more money to finish the year.

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Building Credit

Now is a good time to build up your credit. It will come in handy in the future when you need to finance an automobile, home, and other.

Before finalizing decisions about credit cards, student loans, and other credit financing, take a brief moment to view our affiliated center on credit card and debt management.

manage your credit and debt
visit our Credit/Debt Management module for information

tasks for HS seniors

Achieving Success

Time to get serious and set some personal achievement goals.

FREE Download
Complete guide on discipline and character building. Has illustrations on the building blocks of success.

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