September Calendar: select colleges

spend time this month to finalize your college selection

September is a month when almost all HS schools are beginning or have begun. HS seniors need to use this time to finalize their college search selection and start the application process.

Below are four (4) quick summary tasks for the month of September:

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for HS seniors

Finalize Your College Search

It's time to review your college search and narrow your selection down to those schools that meet your career objectives. Meet with your school's guidance counselor to discuss your decision.

Your search categories include:

  1. search list of 2-3 schools that you could definitely get in
  2. search list of 4-5 schools that you could probably get in
  3. search list of 7-8 schools that you would like to get in

You should budget on how much you can afford for application submission. If the application submission costs for 16 or more schools is too much. Narrow your search to 3-3-3.

search 4-year colleges-universities
search community colleges
search online schools and programs
search vocational and career schools

for HS seniors

Compare and Rank Colleges

Compare your choice of schools head-to-head and take a virtual tour of the campus. Begin grouping your college choices and rank them based on your selection criteria:

You should plan to make a college visit before submitting your application.

The cost to attend college can be high for many schools. So make sure this is the right school for you. Start to arrange campus visits with your select colleges and meet with college recruiters that visit your school.

some helpful resources
view school rankings

for HS seniors

Prepare the College Application

You need to start your college application to meet submission deadlines:

  • Early Admission:
    deadlines are in early November
  • Regular Admissions:
    deadlines are in January-February

What's needed this month:

  1. Request an application form from each of your colleges.
  2. Your college admissions application will most likely require 1- 2 essays. Use the weekends to write and edit your essays.
  3. Most college admissions require 1-2 recommendations from teachers and/or community leaders. Select who should write your recommendation.
  4. Study for your college entrance exams if you are taking them this fall. Colleges require different college entrance exams. You need to check with your college to determine which exam to take.
  5. Double check your transcripts when you start your senior year. You will need to forward these transcripts to colleges for admission review.
  6. Take a swim, tennis, karate or other class over the fall semester (either with your school or community group). You want to show well-roundness in your application.

for HS seniors

Meet with Your School Counselor

Meet with your guidance counselor (or school administrator or teacher) as soon as you can to discuss your post-high school plans.

Items to coordinate with your guidance counselor:

  • availability of and enrollment in Advanced Placement classes
  • schedules for the college entrance exams (includes P SAT, SAT I and II, and ACT). Discuss with your counselor on the exam required to get into your college of choice
  • admission requirements to college including GPA requirements, credits, exam type and scores, etc. Try to fill in any gaps.
  • and more ...