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Career Planning

Temp Employment May Be Grad’s Best Option

Tweet You’ve just received your degree, completing four years of mind bending studying to reach your goal. Before starting college, things looked so very promising, the prospects for a career

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Take Off, Young Grad!

Tweet College seniors know that the current graduation cycle is one of the most challenging ones seen in decades. That grim news is not of any comfort to the student

Career Planning

What College Seniors Must Do To Land A Job

Tweet If you’re a college senior and planning to graduate school over the next several weeks, then you fully understand how difficult the job market is right now. If you

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Spring Break 2009: Blast or Bust?

Tweet For the last few weeks and all through the month of March, colleges and universities across the US will be in spring break mode — that week long recess

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Business School Job Recruiting Is Down In 2009

Tweet Scads of graduates will be leaving business school this Spring with their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree in hand but maybe not much else. Job recruiting at business

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Career Changer? Think Chiropractic.

Tweet With hundreds of thousands of Americans being laid off from their jobs each of the past few months, many workers are likely reconsidering their career path and what the

Career Planning

The Best & Worst Careers Today!

How do you know that the classes you are taking today will lead to a solid job tomorrow? For that matter, is your education major something that you can live with for the rest of your life?

Career Planning

You Can Prepare Now To Land Your First Job

Tweet If you’re a college senior, graduation is still five months away which seems like plenty of time to start looking for your first “real” job. However, with the economy

Career Planning

Job Prep: Preparing For Your First Job Interview

Tweet Yesterday, we talked about the steps to take to land a new job, but today we’re going to explore how you can prepare for an interview. If you are

Career Planning

Job Prep: Write A Better Resume

Tweet If you are a college senior, before long you’ll be interviewing with companies in preparation to leave academia for the business world. Lots of your fellow students will be

Career Planning

Career Prep: Obtaining Strong References

Tweet This is one in an ongoing series of articles to help college seniors prepare themselves for their careers. Previously, we took a look at the components of building a

Personal Advice

Raising Cash Between Semesters

Tweet With Christmas just hours away, the last thing you may be thinking about is work. That’s fine, enjoy your Christmas and the time you’ll be celebrating with family members