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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a College

Choosing a college can be a daunting task in today’s time. A few years ago, the number of academic institutions was limited but with the inception of private education, the dynamics of college education have changed.

College Search

Top Tips to Choosing the Right University for You

If you’re already compiling your list of dream universities to apply to, you’re probably wondering how you can start to narrow down what kinds of school are the right fit for you.

College Search

4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a College to Attend

Tweet Joining college is one of the best decisions a person can ever make in his life. No one can downplay the benefits that come with it. The right college

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3 Tips for Selecting a College as a Student Athlete

Tweet Below are tips for selecting a college as a student athlete. They are recommended for athletes who are considering scholarship offers although they are also applicable to anyone who

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Why You Should Pick the School You Love: Advice From an Ex College Student

Tweet More advice from a college friend: During your senior year of high school, you always get asked the same questions first. “So where are you going to college next

College Search

4 Tips to Guide Your College Search

Tweet Getting into college is still one of the most competitive hurdles that young individuals face. In America for instance, college admission rates to prestigious colleges remain very low, with