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College Planning

5 Lessons From an Admissions Counselor for Young Students

Are you a high school student hoping to head to college soon? You probably already know that there’s a great deal involved in the process.

College Planning

Prepping for College Admissions? Here’s 4 Things That Can Give Your Application a Boost

You already know that good grades, high test scores and lots of extracurricular activities can help keep your college application out of the reject pile.

College Planning

How to Write Admission Essays Easily!

Admission essays are the one thing everyone dreads, but also wants to nail in their college applications. They are the most challenging part of the entire application process and students – even the smart and creative ones – often get stumped.

College Planning

How to Overcome College Admission Terrors

Tweet Even if you are a high school junior, this time of year includes added stress, as upcoming midterms will have a significant effect on your all-important junior year GPA.


Your College is Not Your Fate!

The pressure to get into a certain college or university is a tremendous one for numerous students. Indeed, some families take extraordinary measures to ensure that their children are accepted by the finest institutions and are promptly enrolled.


What You Need to Know About College References

Your admission to college is based on several factors including your grades, your test scores and your extracurricular activities. Another factor, sometimes not recognized for its importance, are the personal references you include with your application.

Personal Advice

Phone Interview Tips for College-Bound Students

Tweet Either way, you need to be prepared for your interview and although you won’t see the person interviewing you, you should comport yourself as if you were in the


How to Get Into College With a GED

Tweet Although a GED is the equivalent to a high school diploma, many colleges and universities require students to submit GED examination test scores and score a certain grade or


Your GPA and College Admissions Requirements

Tweet Most schools use a 4.0 grad scale with a 4 representing an “A,” a 3 a “B” and so on. The higher the GPA, the better the student’s chances

Education Tips

How to Go From Homeschool to College

Tweet Preparing for college when homeschooled. One area of concern families have regarding homeschooling is college. Parents are preparing their children for life beyond homeschool, fully expecting that their students

Education Tips

Early Decision Versus Early Action Admissions

Tweet October is a busy month for high school seniors, especially those applying early for college admission next fall. Hundreds of colleges and universities welcome early applicants, setting deadlines from

Education Tips

Solid Tips For Writing A Winning College Essay

Tweet High school seniors are making the most of their final year of schooling, before heading off to college next fall. Football games. Club activity. Time with friends. However, beneath