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College Planning

5 Lessons From an Admissions Counselor for Young Students

Are you a high school student hoping to head to college soon? You probably already know that there’s a great deal involved in the process.

College Planning

Is GPA Important to Your College Application?

When college applications are looming, you may be working hard to boost your GPA as much as possible. However, there is conflicting advice out there as to how important GPA can be to a college application.

College Planning

Prepping for College Admissions? Here’s 4 Things That Can Give Your Application a Boost

You already know that good grades, high test scores and lots of extracurricular activities can help keep your college application out of the reject pile.


17 Best Apps for College Applicants and College Students (Part 1)

Phones are not just for phone calls anymore. They can be computers, maps, tour guides, game centers, cameras, search engines, and many more things. With the right apps, they can even become a tool for college.

College Planning

7 College Wait List Strategies

You have just learned that you are in the equivalent of college purgatory. In other words, you have been wait listed by your top college choice.

Education Tips

How to Handle College Rejection

You have applied to the college of your dreams and have just received the dreaded thin envelope from the admissions office. Had the letter been thick, you would have received congratulations along with your financial aid forms.

Education Tips

Apply to College: As a Junior!

Our neighbor’s daughter is a high school junior who recently applied to college and was accepted. She’ll start at the local community college at the same time that many of her friends begin their final year of high school.


Community College Enrollment Made Easy

Young adults seeking a higher education may consider community college as a steppingstone to greater pursuits or as a path to a new job. Community colleges, also known as technical colleges, are two-year public colleges that serve millions of students.

College Search

College Applicant Waitlisted: Now What?

You have applied to the college of your dreams or at least to one school that is among your top considerations for attending. Just when you are expecting notification, you receive a thin letter from the school. Uh, oh. It looks like you have been turned down.

College Budgeting

Will Your College Waive its Application Fee?

When you apply to college, you will almost always be required to pay an application fee.

Education Tips

How to Successfully Navigate the College Application Process

September is the first full month of education for most high school students with many seniors understanding that this is the last year that they will see some of their friends.

Campus News

Common Application Announces Updated Essay Prompts

Tweet Applying to college made easy. Introduced for 1975-1976, the Common Application has grown from 15 members to nearly 500 members including its first international institutions. Background The Common Application