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What Your Community College Has To Offer

Tweet What two-year colleges offer to career-minded students. Community colleges are sometimes known as technical colleges and are in effect “junior colleges” given their typical two-year course of study. Attending

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One in Three College Students Transfer Report Says

Tweet Most students that transfer leave in their second year. The report, “Transfer and Mobility: A National View of Pre-Degree Student Movement in Postsecondary Institutions,” found that one in three

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What Are the Advantages of Attending Community College?

Tweet Two-year colleges continue to appeal to millions of students. Today’s community and technical colleges are public-supported schools, receiving taxpayer support on the county or state level, sometimes both. So,

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Transfer All of Your College Credits Successfully

Tweet Be prepared to defend your academic record. Students may transfer for any number of reasons including to change their school environment, find a school closer to home, seek a

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College Acceptance Waiting is Over. Or Not.

Tweet March 31st is the traditional date when colleges and universities notify students whether they’ve been accepted or not. Some students have already benefited from early or rolling admissions and

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Book Review: Community College Companion

Tweet “Everything You Wanted to Know About Succeeding in a Two-Year School” Two-year schools, sometimes called junior colleges, technical schools and most commonly community colleges, are an important part of

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Winter Session: Attend or Skip?

Tweet Right now, millions of college students are finishing up the fall semester, with some taking exams this week or next. Soon, one half of the academic year will have

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Pell Report Illustrates Two Year College Transfer Success

Tweet I am a college success story. According to the findings of a recent Pell Report study, I should be recognized as someone who successfully transferred from a two-year community

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Can’t Get Your Class? Take Action!

Tweet Financial reductions have hammered state budgets, cuts which have been passed on to state colleges and universities as well as community colleges and technical schools. Classes are larger, staff


NC Student Transfer Navigator Keeps It Simple

Tweet Collegians who are seeking to transfer from one college or university to another one, sometimes encounter difficulties including the loss of college credits. A class with a similar name

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Pennsylvania Program Makes Transferring College Credits Easier

Tweet A new program benefiting Pennsylvania college students has been established to help students maximize the number of credits they can transfer and count toward a college degree. “Pursuit of