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Are Student Discounts Good Business?

Who loves money? Who loves to save? Everyone does! That is why the majority of us loves discounts. Billions of coupons are redeemed yearly.

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7 Secret Discounts for College Students

After spending thousands of dollars on tuition, fees, and books, college students may have little money left for other things. But there is an advantage to having limited funds: numerous retailers offer college students discounts, including deep price breaks, in a bid to win new business.

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How to Save Money on Airfare Home

Tweet Airfare can certainly be expensive, but if you’re flexible and creative, then there are bargains available – you just need to know where to look and how to find

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How to Make the Most of Groupon

Tweet Groupon is an excellent example of a contemporary business model, something college business professors would do well to include in their course study. Psychology professors might be interested too