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Technology in Education: An Ally or a Foe?

Our world today is dominated by a fast-paced type of living and economy. One big factor to that is the rise of the computer age where every facet of living had already been computerized. We can say the same when it comes to our education system.

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Why Continuous Learning is More Important Today Than Ever Before

As food is important to our body, so is continuous learning to our mind nourishment.

Advanced Education

What Does Education and Life in College Mean to You?

Tweet Roles played by colleges are: 1. To equip learners with essential knowledge. Curriculum is designed in such away that it offers wide range of knowledge. There are many programs

Study Tips

How to Master Your Final Exams

Tweet In the coming weeks you will be preparing for your final exams. Like many students, you may find yourself cramming during the days leading up to your finals in

College Planning

7 College Wait List Strategies

Tweet You have just learned that you are in the equivalent of college purgatory. In other words, you have been wait listed by your top college choice. Neither accepted nor

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How to Survive a Disastrous Grade

Tweet You have just finished the most challenging assignment or exam of the semester and believe that you’ve done well. However, a few days later you learn that your best

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How to Pull Up Your College Grades (Before it is Too Late)

Tweet Your grades are in trouble and if they do not improve, you may find yourself drummed out of college. Indeed, that’s an abhorrent prospect facing some students as they

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Report: College Grads Coming Up Short in Career Readiness

Tweet After spending tens of thousands of dollars in pursuit of a college degree, you might think that today’s graduates are entering the workforce with the skills that employers require.

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5 Smart Tips for Starting (and Finishing) the Semester Right

Tweet How did you do with your classes last semester? Was it a walk in the park? A tough experience? Or somewhere in between? No matter how you did, you

Career Planning

Career Choice: Medical Assistants

Tweet Visit any doctor’s office and you may be met by a team of medical professionals before you see your physician. The person at the front desk, the lady checking


How to Prepare for Final Exams

Tweet The semester is moving by faster than you had anticipated. Soon, your term papers will be due. Also, you’re just weeks away from taking your final exams. Term papers

Featured Online Education

How to Succeed Taking Online Courses

You’ve finally decided to take an online course, perhaps supplementing your regular on-campus courses with one that you can complete at your own pace.