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Tips and Tricks for Non-Traditional College Students – Part 2

Going to college can be an intimidating prospect for anyone, but the task can seem far more complex for a non-traditional student…


What are the Most Effective Ways to Save on College Tuition?

For those who want a higher education, college tuition is unavoidable. Parents cringe at the thought of having to pay for these expensive schools and students cringe at the thought of paying off student loans.

Student Loans

Federal Financial Aid Requirements – Are you Eligible?

Most students begin searching for college after applying for Federal Financial Aid. Because this process takes time, it is a good first step. A crucial question to ask yourself before you begin the application is: Are you eligible for Federal Financial Aid?

College Search

4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a College to Attend

Joining college is one of the best decisions a person can ever make in his life. No one can downplay the benefits that come with it. The right college education earns you points for promotions at work, and of course, this means a fatter paycheck.


The 3 Key Opportunities in College For College Students

There are many things you should consider when attending college. You need to research what’s out there waiting for you.

College Living

Tips and Tricks for Non-Traditional College Students – Part 1

Tweet A non-traditional student is defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as an individual that didn’t attend college immediately after graduating from high school, attends college part-time, works full-time while


A Summary of College Financial Aid Information

If you are looking at ways of financing your college education, you need to give college financial aid more than a cursory glance. From the outset it is important to understand that financial aid may come in various forms: scholarships, fellowships, and even work programs.

Advanced Education

Reasons why You Should go Back to School After Graduation

As you grow, you find that finances tend to shrink as the demand increases. We all have to tighten our belt because we can no longer receive the support of our guardians as before. This is the best time for returning to school.


Five Tips to Help You Financially Get Through School

Attending college is one of the most costly expenses you will incur. Whether you are attending undergraduate or trade school can add up quickly.


US College Scholarship Programs

The United States is considered one of the most preferred destinations for students looking for internationally recognized certification. The US is home to some of the world’s largest and most reputable colleges and universities and this has served as a key attraction for both local and international students.

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Student Aid Bill of Rights Signed by Obama

President Barack H. Obama has made good on one of his higher education promises. On Tuesday the president signed a memorandum at Georgia Tech in Atlanta instructing the Department of Education and other federal agencies to discover ways to help students with loan repayments.

FAFSA Form Tips

FAFSA: Apply Early for Financial Assistance

If you are looking to save thousands of dollars on college expenses each year, the first place to start is with your Free Application For Student Aid or FAFSA. By filling out a FAFSA in January, you can get your application in early and you may qualify for financial assistance from the US Department of Education.