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On Campus or Online: 5 Reasons an Online Education Might Be a Better Fit for You

Your choice of education can be one of the more significant decisions that you make in your life. A college degree is an investment in time, money, and energy, and you have a lot of options when you’re choosing a program.

Online Education

Five Myths Preventing You From Obtaining an Online Education

Tweet The chance to continue schooling may provide opportunities for advancement and personal growth. Unfortunately, there are still many people who mistakenly hold some common misconceptions. If you have worked

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Is Online Education Right for You?

The internet has become an important part of all of our lives and is a great way to access and share information. As such, many quality four-year and two-year universities are offering college courses online.

Online Education

Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning Programs

Online learning holds the future of higher education. Many university and college students find themselves with other obligations which include family and job commitments beyond that of getting a degree.

Online Education

While Politicians Play Students Pay

Tweet There has been a great deal of debate about the repercussions of the government shutdown that has left thousands of government employees temporarily out of work. There is also

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Save Money on College: Three-Year Degree Programs

Tweet With economic conditions difficult and the cost of education rising, several colleges and universities around the United States are more seriously considering the idea of adopting accelerated three-year programs

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Online Learning, Not So Distant

Busy adults who cannot find the time to set foot on campus are embracing online learning like never before. Millions of students are enrolled in programs where distant learning is emphasized, often with no requirement to ever attend school in person.

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Career Building SPOTLIGHT

Tweet IT – Computer Degrees … building up your career opportunities IT rules in almost every business. Equipped with the right skills, you can move up the management scale …

Career Planning

Advancing Your Career SPOTLIGHT

Tweet My dream job … … is to become a digital game designer ? You played all the electronic games growing up … now you have some gaming ideas of