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Career Planning

Making the Perfect Resume for Your First Job: 7 Points You Need to Remember

Tweet Of course, your personality, knowledge and everything else will come into play in the interview room, but the resume that they will have in front of them will build

Education Tips

How to Write the Perfect Resume for Internships

Tweet Surely, a lot of graduates can still relate because writing a good resume is a life skill that can open doors when you want to switch jobs or apply

Job Search

5 Tips To Help Fresh College Graduates Find Their First Job

Tweet However, all hope is not lost as there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of getting hired. Here are some useful tips that will help


How to Build an Effective CV and Resume for Scholarships and Fellowships

Tweet The process of applying for a scholarship begins by carefully examining the requisites and target presented by the academic institution or fund granting organization. Aside from checking that you

College Training

Sage Advice for Snagging a Summer Internship

Your academic progress is certainly important to recruiters, but they want to see something else. Namely, real life experience. That experience can be hard to come by, unless you are willing to work as an intern.

Career Planning

Six Steps to Prepare for Your Career While in College

Your time in college will fly by fast. Before you know it you will be on stage, collecting your degree and turning your tassel. Hopefully, you’ll have a job offer in hand too and ready to launch your career.

Career Planning

Better Resume Building Done Right

It is important to still maintain a resume even if you connect with employers chiefly online. Your LinkedIn profile can serve as a resume, but usually someone in Human Resources still prefers to see a hard copy or at least a .doc or .pdf of the same.

Personal Advice

7 Timely Tips for College Seniors

College seniors have much to consider over the next several months as they wind down their collegiate years. Soon, you’ll be walking up on the stage, receiving your degree, and turning your tassel.

Career Planning

4 Online Job Strategies and Considerations

It is time for you to take your online job searching efforts up one level. You probably know that connecting with potential employers online can help you with your job search, but you may not be sure what approach to take.

Career Planning

College Career Fair Resume Advice

College seniors have an excellent employment seeking tool at their disposal: the college career office. Every school has one, a place where students can turn to for resume writing help, interview tips, job leads and more.

Career Planning

How To Build A Stellar Resume Fresh Out Of College

Tweet While graduation can be a time of joy for many people, it can also be a stressful experience. Students must transition from the academic world into the harsh world

Career Planning

How to Approach Your College Job Event

Tweet Read on and we will examine the best approach for you to take as you prepare for and attend a college job fair. 1. Write your resume. You will