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Career Choice: Choreographers

The fine arts plays an important role in society. We have movies, plays, dances and other forms of entertainment that can inspire and uplift the world.

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Career Choice: Solar Energy Systems Engineers

Solar energy is cheap, plentiful and widely available — with the right equipment. And that is where solar energy systems engineers come in.

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Career Choice: Statisticians

If you enjoy parsing data, then pursuing a career as a statistician might be to your liking. Your strong interest in math or statistical theory can lead to a position where you collect, organize, and interpret numerical data, summarizing your findings into information that people find usable as well as useful.

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Career Choice: Vision Rehabilitation Therapists

Individuals with sight problems face many challenges with even the simplest daily tasks difficult to accomplish. Aiding them in this endeavor are vision rehabilitation therapists, individuals who train patients to manage their homes, communicate, and use a computer.

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Career Choice: Critical Care Nurses

Nurses may specialize in different medical areas including critical care. Critical care nurses are licensed professional nurses who are tasked with helping individuals with life-threatening problems.

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Career Choice: Loan Officer

Money makes the world go ’round, right? In some ways that statement is true — if you have the funds, then you can do almost everything that you want to do.

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Career Choice: Database Administrator

Ah, computers. They are an essential part of our lives and when they work according to plan, computers are immensely useful. When they cause us trouble, we may curse the manufacturer, programmers or anyone else that has had a hand in development.

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Career Choice: Fuel Cell Engineers

Fuel cells are being used to develop alternate transportation vehicles including hydrogen-powered cars. The industry is in its infancy with the first mass-produced vehicles expected to hit the market by 2015.

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Career Choice: Anesthesiologists

Anesthesiologists are physicians, people that administer anesthetics to patients before or during surgery or for a medical procedure.

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Career Choice: Green Marketers

If you have a passion for environmental sustainability and a desire to “save the earth” or make a contribution to a “greener” future, there is a new category of marketer that may appeal to you. Indeed, the career choice of “green marketer” is so new that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is gathering the data to support this career as of publishing.

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Career Choice: Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Detecting illnesses is not something doctors do alone. Other medical professionals play a part, by examining patients with a variety of tools.

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Career Choice: Coaches and Scouts

The next superstar could come about because you spotted and nurtured him or her while he or she was still young.