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Career Planning

5 Jobs for Tech-Savvy Students to Look Into

Tech careers are incredibly popular among students, and with good reason. The tech industry continues to grow, offering many job opportunities for those who have the education and skills.


Technology in Education: An Ally or a Foe?

Our world today is dominated by a fast-paced type of living and economy. One big factor to that is the rise of the computer age where every facet of living had already been computerized. We can say the same when it comes to our education system.


What is the Best Kind of Laptop for College Students?

Tweet Discussions and modules are also posted online for students to read and participate in. So as you can see, without a laptop, learning in college is difficult. But, not


What will the College Landscape in 2025 Look Like?

Tweet Introduction The first institution of higher education in America was Harvard University founded in 1636. For the first 300 years, American higher education was characterized by young upper-class white

Career Planning

How Technology and Your Career Choice are Now Intertwined

Tweet Introduction Career Choice There are times when making the right career choice was easy. Today, things are different. Before making a career choice, you need to consider more than

Advanced Education

Easing the Start of a new Chapter in Adult Education

Tweet However, the life experience that these students have often benefits them and enriches the class experience for everyone. There are thousands of students who are attending college every year.

Advanced Education

Tips to Get an Up-to-Date Education for Today’s Business Market

Tweet If you are struggling to keep up with the changes in today’s business market, don’t fret. You’re never too old to learn, and these marketing tips will teach you


Technology has Changed Campus Life in a Big Way

Tweet Once you are in college, you would hardly see anybody who is not plugged in. It starts with the alarm ringing on the smartphone moving on to the iPhone


The Dark Side of Technology in College Life

College is not a place for just another student life, but a final step before you choose a career for your life. So it is important that you make the most of this time as it is the golden opportunity to make your future life a better one.


College Students and No Commitment Cell Phones

Heading off to college is one thing. Moving far away from home presents students with the chance to experience a level of freedom that they have never known previously.

Campus News

NASA Announces its Research Fellowship Grant Winners

Tweet 48 students receive research support from America’s space agency. NASA’s space shuttle program may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean America’s space agency has given up on its quest

Campus Life

6 Things College Students Need

Tweet Today’s college-bound student must adjust to a campus that is wired for the 21st century. Technology and cash are important, but you’ll also need the following: 1. Seasonal clothing