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Going-to-Grad School Map

This 1-Page map summarizes the steps and tasks you need to get into grad school. It leads you through the planning process with reference links to on-site information for help. It's a great map to add to your files for quick reference.

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Going to Grad School Map

Track Grad School Stats

You will be gathering a lot of information regarding your grad school planning steps. Use this worksheet forms to assemble your information in an orderly way for easy reference. Forms include:

  • career planning worksheet
  • college comparison worksheet
  • college institution name and address
  • college entrance requirements
  • and financial aid worksheets

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Grad School Worksheets

College Cost Comparison Worksheet

One of the key parameters that distinquishes one college from another is their cost of education. Some schools offer a better education for the cost depending on what you want to achieve.

  • The College Cost Comparison worksheet allows you to compare side-by-side each college in relation to their costs for tuition, room and board, fees, etc.

  • Additionally, you can compare side-by-side the financial awards offered and run a gap analysis among the schools to determine best overall deal.

The cost comparison worksheet references our site at:

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College Cost Comparison Worksheet
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