Student Income Ideas

tips on how to earn income while as school

Many times the cost of college is a bit higher than the financial aid your receive. Yes!, you can borrow for school. But why go into debt. Another option is to look for income opportunities.

Act fast. Many of these opportunities get taken.

Below are six (6) quick summary income-earning tips

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On-Campus Employment

Many schools have on-campus employment positions that are not part of the federal work-study program. Some of these positions offer tuition discounts and a wage for your service.

What's nice about on-campus employment is that positions are generally flexible considering your class schedule and needs. Additionally, you can easily get to work, return the class, and then go back to work without having to commute.

Check your school's employment office for information.

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Campus Housing Manager

Some schools and private housing units will waive or reduce housing costs if you become a residential manager. You will be required to answer calls, keep up maintenance, and address service issues.

Housing managers can maintain a work schedule that coincides with your academic schedule. Another nice benefit is that your work schedule is at your place of living.

Check the area's student housing units for information. They will likely put you on a waiting list that might be worth something to you in the future.

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Look for Local Employment

Many area businesses welcome college student employees especially in establishments that cater to students. Many of the these employers offer flexible working hours.

Check these job sites for employment information:

  • Job listing for students from many brand-name retail and other name companies:
    another posting of summer jobs:
    job postings exclusively for teens and students: - Find out what it takes to complete the online application process
  • Internship Programs:
    internships in your field of interest is a great way to get experience that will help you college
  • Search Classified ads in LOCAL PAPERS:
    you will find many local jobs through your local online classifieds

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Work From Your Dorm or Apartment

There are a few work-at-home employment opportunities that pay based on the hours that you work. This allows you flexibility to set your work schedule around your academic schedule.

Some of these positions main be mail-stuffers, flyer distribution, electronic servicing or billing, or maybe an idea that you would like market.

find scholarships to reduce costs
view Home-Employment Opportunities

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Sell Your Textbooks Online

New books are required each semester and they are expensive and can add up quickly. Keep in mind that once the school year is over, selling college textbooks online creates some extra income and saves up on space.

Take good care of them and don’t procrastinate: sell them as soon as you recognize you no longer have use for them to ensure that they haven’t been updated with newer editions.

where to sell textbooks
view selling textbooks online

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Become a Broker or Developer

You can become the selling broker for other students - especially those student who home books, , electronics, excess clothing or stuff they want to get rid of. Know how to sell online and via ebay can get a percentage of each sell.

Another option is to become a web site and/or app developer. Take a course in web site development. There may be many opportunities in your community to develop web site marketing pages, landing pages, mobile apps, etc., for small businesses.

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