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Who Are We? is a member of the nbuy life-event network

Our mission is to provide consumer information guides and tips on managing important life events. SayCampusLife operates in the education-college campus space. You will find guides on college planning and search, advanced education, college financing and campus-related tips.

The site is segmented into several key modules:

  • Campus BLOG:
    over 1500+ articles in campus living and issues addressing academics, financing, careers, sports, and education-related tips ... plus lots more.
  • Off-to-College Guides:
    helping HS students (and parents) plan for college. Includes a step-by-step outline in chronilogical order to help student prepare and meet college submission deadlines.
  • Advanced Education Guides:
    summary guides for graduate, professional and continuing eduction students on career advancement and management..
  • College Search:
    directory of universities, community colleges, online study programs, and vocational training programs segmented by area and usage.
  • College Financing Guides:
    a complete guide on financing higher education cost with a summary of financial aid options and the steps to qualify for financing.
  • Job Search:
    the most important module for graduating student with career prep guides and job search directories.
  • Textbooks:
    comparison widget that allows you to buy or sell your academic textbooks..
  • Let's Travel:
    state-by-state guides to travel places and things to do.
  • Tools:
    helpful tools to learn, calculate, and formulate college related decisions.


The nBuy network is owned and operated by
nBuy Associates of Richmond, Virginia.

nBuy Associates is a business consulting and brokerage unit assisting small- and medium-sized business function like big-business. Services include:

— business strategy
— market planning
— product design and development
— e-commerce development and design
— business valuation
— business brokerage

We likewise maintain a network of business consultants in financial planning, tax planning, market research, and investment analysis.

Visit us at:

Krayton M Davis
Executive Principal

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