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Campus Life

Balancing School and a Job

If you’ve ever tried to work and attend school at the same time, you know it’s not for the faint of heart.

Education Tips

Apply to College: As a Junior!

Our neighbor’s daughter is a high school junior who recently applied to college and was accepted. She’ll start at the local community college at the same time that many of her friends begin their final year of high school.

Campus News

For-Profit Colleges Fight Back Against Obama Administration Ruling

For-profit colleges have been battling negative publicity for some time, including various Obama administration rules such as a new “gainful employment regulation” that they say violates federal law.

NCAA Football

5 Surprise Teams This 2014 Season

By now, you probably realize that Mississippi and Ole Miss are performing better than expected this college football season. Sure, Ole Miss now has two losses on the season, but they’re still further up the SEC line than most had expected.

Campus News

Cheap Ways to Make it Home This Thanksgiving

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming later this month, your thoughts may be turning toward how to get home for a few days. Not all colleges offer an extended break, making it difficult and expensive for students to return home and get back on time before classes resume.

Career Planning

Is a Career in Law Right for You?

The idea that you can better yourself by enrolling in education is one that works. It allows you to begin pursuing a lifelong career that aims to provide value to the lives of other people while providing you with the means to live a rewarding life.

Campus News

Student Athlete Graduation Rate Improves

Worries that students who attend college on an athletic scholarship may never complete their education is a concern.