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Campus Life Featured

The Dos and Don’ts of College Clothing

For college students it’s easy to view class as an opportunity to take casual dressing to a whole new level. After all, you don’t have anyone checking anymore to make sure you aren’t violating the high school dress code.

College Search Featured

Your College Search: The Best Campus For You

Record college application numbers have been reached for virtually every college and university in the nation.

Unfortunately, there is also a growing number of students who, once they are accepted by a college and spend a period, transfer to another institution. The problem: in many cases, those who end up wanting to transfer have been misinformed about the college and the programs they offer.

College Living Featured

Goodbye Dorm: It’s Time to Move to an Apartment!

Regardless of the many advantages of living in a dorm, it still has its downsides. If you are one of those thinking of moving from a dorm to an apartment, here are some tips to help you with the decision.

College Living Featured

Top 3 Alcohol-Free Fun Events and Things You can do in College

From frat parties and barhopping to football tailgates and crazy birthday parties, it is no secret that alcohol is the biggest driver of wild college parties and weekend activities.

Featured Study Tips

5 of the Best Study Tips for Beginner College Students

Study tips are critical to ensure you are ready when the exams finally come. This article gives the tips on how you can do well in your education.

College Living Featured

How You Can Help A Friend Who Drinks Too Much In College

Drinking in college is one of the most common things that students will do. It is a social function that allows students to interact with other people their age.

College Living Featured

Dorm Room Theft: Ways to Prevent It

Living in a dorm is awesome! This is where you party hard, where you form as a person, acquire the knowledge for the rest of your life and meet friends who will stick with you through thick and thin.

Education Tips Featured

How to Write an Awesome College Essay – all You Need to Know

This article will lay out eight steps to take in writing an awesome college essay in any class you take. Follow these steps, kick that essays’ butt, and earn that ‘A’.

Campus Life Featured

Six New Things You Will Experience As a College Freshman

College is a brand new experience for incoming freshman, and there are a number of things they’ll go through that they’ve never seen before. Decisions made by these individuals are ones that everyone has to make so there is a fountain of great information on the subject.

Career Planning Featured

From College Student To Self-Employed: 4 Skills You Already Have For Success

For some students a college degree is the first logical step in becoming a successful entrepreneur. They dream of owning their own business and being among the self-employed. While some might chuckle at their audacity to dream, there is good reason to ignore those naysayers.

Advanced Education Featured

Reasons why You Should go Back to School After Graduation

As you grow, you find that finances tend to shrink as the demand increases. We all have to tighten our belt because we can no longer receive the support of our guardians as before. This is the best time for returning to school.

Commentary Featured

Freedom of Speech on Campus: Is Everyone’s Opinion Valid?

Verbal abuse based on race, religion and sexual orientation is on the rise. Colleges and universities have consequently introduced speech codes and free speech zones. But is that the right solution? Or has it chipped away the academic core of opinion?