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College Planning Featured

Making Application: A College Scholarship and Your Personal Statement

If you are planning to apply for one or more college scholarships you are making a smart decision. A college scholarship can help defray at least some of the costs related to your academic pursuits.

Campus News Featured

Education City: Academia Rises in Qatar

Qatar (pronounced cutter) is home to just over 2 million people, a sovereign Arab country found on the northeasterly coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders Saudi Arabia and is a nation of tremendous wealth, due to oil production.

Campus News Featured

University of Michigan: US Roads Are Safer

American highways and byways take the lives of tens of thousands of people each year. A number of factors are at play here including: drunk driving, inexperienced drivers and poor road conditions.

Career Planning Featured

5 Job Searching Tips for New Graduates

If you’re like most new graduates, the idea of getting out into the real world and searching for a job terrifies you.

Featured Student Loans

How to Avoid Student Loan Default

If you default on your student loans, you will put your credit rating in jeopardy. At least one in 10 college graduates and former students have defaulted on their loans, money that still must be repaid with few exceptions.

Academics Featured

The Top Five Reasons Why Teachers Are A Critical Factor For Schools And Student Success

School is not just designed to educate students, it is also an environment that motivates students to become skilled and knowledgeable adults who are set up for future success.

Advanced Education Featured

How Best to Get Your Executive MBA

Having an MBA can set you up on the fast track to success in the business world. Though the coursework can be grueling, once you finish your post-graduate degree, you’ll be able to enter the company of world-class executives at some of the top corporations.

Featured Fun News

Energy Use and Higher Education

Colleges and universities across the United States are significant consumers of energy. Dorms and classrooms are heated and cooled, lighting is provided throughout the campus and security systems depend on power.

Advanced Education Featured

Education Matters: The Top 7 High-Demand Jobs That Require A Degree

Regardless of economic conditions, some jobs are always in high demand. To be eligible for such jobs, however, it’s necessary to have the right qualifications.

Featured Personal Advice

How to Avoid Alcohol Pressure While at College

Despite a national drinking age of 21, alcohol is widely available across most of the nation’s campuses. Some schools such as Brigham Young University not only ban alcohol, but require students to adhere to an honor code. Violate the code and students can be disciplined or expelled.

Academics Featured

ACT Test Preparation Advice and Tips

For years, the ACT trailed the SAT in the number of annual test takers. Beginning in 2011, more students sat for the ACT than they did for the SAT, underscoring the ACT’s growing influence.

Education Tips Featured

Your First Semester at College: How to Prepare

With high school now behind you, it may be time for you to turn your attention to higher pursuits. Namely, your higher education or what is best known as college or university.