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Featured Online Education

Three Reasons Why Recent HS Grads Should Consider Online College

It might come as a surprise but when high school students ask me about college, more and more I’m suggesting they consider one of the reputable online programs available today.

Featured Scholarships

Guide to Looking for College Scholarships and Loans

One of the hardest parts about being a college student is paying for it. Loans aren’t an option for everyone, and finding the right balance between being a full-time student and working an equally time consuming job is stressful.

Academics Featured

Studying Anatomy? Use 3D Models to Help You Study

If you are in college, especially one dealing with life sciences, the odds are, you will at some point have to study anatomy.

Featured Graduation

How to Apply For a Postgraduate Course and Build Your Career

Constantly improving your academic and professional qualifications may play a key role in helping you build a successful and thriving career.

College Planning Featured

7 Ways Today’s Universities Are Changing

Tweet Thanks to a handful of cultural events, American colleges have experienced a number of radical revolutions in recent years, and few universities remain as their alumni remember. For better

Featured Finance

College Education Money – A Place You Haven’t Looked?

Tweet You are going to college! Cool! Ready, Set, Study! Fun times ahead. But do you have your college education money all set aside, or do you have a plan

Career Planning Featured

Medical Technology Watch: Exciting Career Opportunities With Laser Technology

Health technology is a very exciting field and keeping up to date with these new cutting-edge trends that will revolutionize healthcare is often a job in itself.

Featured Personal Advice

Staying Safe When Using Online Transportation Services

In the last few years, transportation apps like Uber and Lyft have taken over the taxi scene. They are more affordable and easier to contact than cabs—instead of calling, all we have to do is push a button.

Featured Personal Advice

Sleeping Tips for the Tired College Student

The Fall semester will begin in a month or so for many colleges and universities. Are you ready to tackle the arduous work? What can you do differently to help improve performance and your college-life experience?

Career Planning Featured

Career Planning: Steps and the Way Forward

Career planing is a progressive process of making decisions in tandem with an individual’s skills,education and life circumstances.

Academics Featured

Going Into the Sciences? What to Expect in your Capstone Coursework

If you’re considering studying an area of science – whether its biology, astronomy, or even engineering – you can expect numerous courses related to those fields. After completing the core math and science courses, you’ll have the opportunity to take more career-specific topics.

Featured Personal Advice

What You Should Do to Keep Your Brain Healthy?

Within the past decade, there has been a rise in brain health. While in the past, staying healthy mainly included physical fitness and diet; but with Alzheimer’s and dementia rising rapidly, there has been a major push for brain health.