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College Instructor Teaching Requirements

While colleges and universities employ full, assistant and associate professors, many schools augment their faculty with part-time or adjunct individuals.

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What Defines a Nontraditional College Student?

Not all college students arrive on campus immediately following high school. Some students serve in the military, complete their religious training, start a family or hit the workplace before enrolling in college.

Career Planning Featured

Career Choice: Hydrologists

Clean and abundant water is essential to the maintenance of any society as governments have risen and fallen where water issues have played in. Humans may be able to last weeks without food, but without water death can take place in as little as 48 hours.

Campus News Featured

Is College Free Speech Under Fire?

Colleges and universities have long been considered bastions of liberty and free speech, but numerous incidents over the past several years seem to run counter to that thinking.

Career Planning Featured

Career Choice: Green Marketers

If you have a passion for environmental sustainability and a desire to “save the earth” or make a contribution to a “greener” future, there is a new category of marketer that may appeal to you. Indeed, the career choice of “green marketer” is so new that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is gathering the data to support this career as of publishing.

Featured Personal Advice

College Freshmen: How to Make the Most of Your First Year

Few students register for college with the intent to fail or drop out. Unfortunately, by the end of your freshman year, one in three of your first-year classmates will quit according to US News and World Reports.

Campus News Featured

Washington Monthly Takes Swipe at US News’ College Rankings

Who hasn’t read the college rankings offered by various established sources and wondered how that information is collected and ranked?

Campus News Featured

The Talk: College Student Drinking

Most colleges and universities forbid students from consuming alcohol, especially those that are under the legal drinking age — 21.

Campus News Featured

Weight Gain and the College Freshman

Its back: stories about the Freshman 15, what some contend is the average weight gain for first-year college students. Fortunately, most people realize that the term “Freshman 15” is erroneous as college students typically gain much less weight during their first year away from home.

Career Planning Featured

Career Choice: Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Detecting illnesses is not something doctors do alone. Other medical professionals play a part, by examining patients with a variety of tools.

College Budgeting Featured

College Textbook Shopping: Ways to Save Money

Tweet With many books costing $100 a piece or more, it hardly seems justifiable to pay that amount for books that will in 16 weeks no longer be needed. Fortunately,

Academics Featured

Is Pursuing a Journalism Degree Still Relevant Today?

Higher education has changed over the decades as some fields of study that were once considered of prime importance no longer seem so relevant.