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Commentary Featured

Maker Space 101: New Concepts in Teaching Creativity on Campus

Attracting students across a competitive global market is lucrative business for institutions looking to move away from traditional academic disciplines by staying relevant to today’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Featured Personal Advice

Signs of an Overdose and What You Can Do in an Emergency

It can be terrifying when you realize or suspect someone has taken a drug overdose. Drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, but staying calm and taking quick action can save a life.

Career Planning Featured

Improving Health Care Efficiencies

More patients than ever conduct research into doctor’s offices and clinics before they decide where to seek treatment. They want a caring doctor, an organized office, and top-notch facilities that will offer them the best care available.

College Living Featured

Dorm Life: How to Stay Safe in Close Living Quarters

If you’re a college student, moving into the dorms freshman year can be an incredibly exciting time. You’ll be making new friends, living away from your parents and gaining lots of new experiences. Living in such close quarters isn’t always easy though.

Featured Finance

How to Fund Your College Studies Without Burdening Yourself too Much

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, having a quality educational background is essential for you. Quality college education will help to set you apart from the competition when you go job hunting.

Featured Money Tips

6 unusual ways to make money in college: Part 1

Most of us have been there: you are in your freshman year, money pumped by your parents is cut short, and you seem to struggle with your finances. And it will be the same for sophomore year, junior year, and so on, unless you do something about it.

College Living Featured

5 Reasons Why it is Better to Live Alone in College

To live or not to live with a roommate. That is a question every college student has to ask himself/herself at some point.

Featured Student Health

The Biggest Problem College Students Face These Days: Having Enough Food to Eat

While watching some late night political talk show the other day, I learned that a surprisingly large percentage of college students have to worry about food.

Campus Life Featured

Vacation On A Budget: 5 Inexpensive Alternatives To Traveling

When you want to go on a vacation, but you haven’t got the budget, it’s tough to figure things out. Many students will settle for getting into debt or just won’t go anywhere at all, but there’s a happy medium where you can find an alternative route on a budget.

Featured Job Search

5 Tips To Help Fresh College Graduates Find Their First Job

The process of job searching can be very frustrating for most fresh college graduates. This is mainly because they lack work experience, and as a result, cannot compete against other experienced job seekers.

Campus Life Featured

Campus Life: It’s How You Live That Counts

People go to a particular college for a lot of reasons. Maybe one or both parents went to a particular institution. Maybe a particular college is known for a particular field of study.

Education Tips Featured

How To Make it Easier to go Back to College After Several Years

Going back to college as an adult – after been away for several years – can be a nerve-racking experience, at best.