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Featured Study Tips

Study Tips for New College Students From a College Professor

Jeremy was an honor roll student throughout middle and high school. But during his first semester he quickly found himself falling behind.

Featured Personal Advice

Yoga Your Way To Calm

When we think about yoga it is often in the pursuit of exercise and transformation of our bodies. But transformation and balance of the mind is just as important, if not more so.

College Living Featured

Campus Fashion: How To Look Your Best Without Bringing Your Entire Wardrobe From Home

Now that the school season is finally here, many college students are packing up and heading toward their prospective dorms. Although dorm living can provide a unique and memorable experience, it is not without its challenges.

FAFSA Form Tips Featured

5 Mistakes Students Make When Filing FAFSA and how to Avoid Them

The best and easiest way to complete the FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) is do it online, and early.

Credit Cards Featured

How to Build a Solid Credit History in College

For a college student, building a good credit may seem impossible. You need credit to establish credit. The only way to establish a good credit history is to pay off your loans in time or to manage your credit cards properly.

Featured Social Networking

Social Networking in College: What Does it Mean?

With so many social networking platforms available these days, the concept of social networking has changed.

College Planning Featured

Don’t Be Me

This is the story of another friend of mine who went to college:

Career Planning Featured

Four Practical Tips on Career Planning

We all desire a successful career. Undoubtedly, in your own little or big way, you want to conquer the world. This isn’t at all impossible, even when you think that the odds are against it.

Academics Featured

From Sinking To Strutting: How To Save Your GPA

So you tanked the first couple of years in college, or maybe just one semester, and now you’re panicking at the thought of not graduating. Don’t stress.

Featured Fun News

College Fun: Who is Schooling Who Now?

College is fun, it always has been. Every year we have more and more fun stuff popping up in colleges all over the world.

College Living Featured

Staying Organized: Six Tips For Students Living With Roommates

If you’re going to college and you’re not living with your parents, chances are you’re going to have roommates. Living alone is simply too costly for most college students.

College Planning Featured

College Classes – Know What You Need to Take

One thing college students often do is blindly take the classes everyone else says they should take, or just what they want to take, not having a clear path in mind. Often they just listen to their advisers.