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Career Choice: Physician Assistant

Tweet Make an appointment to see your doctor and a physician assistant may handle your care directly including prescribing medicine. Such professionals are graduates of an accredited educational program with

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Hot Wheels: Is That Car Stolen?

Tweet If you’re in need of a quality, used vehicle you need to confirm that the vehicle has not, in fact, been stolen. That means doing a background check on

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Choose Your Community College and Win

Tweet Sometimes known as technical colleges or junior colleges, community colleges can provide a good and affordable education for students. Community Colleges Community college enrollment is at record levels as

College Training Featured

Beyond Internship: Field Experience

College students seeking to gain experience in a particular field may pursue an internship.

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Publisher Will Drop Lawsuit Against University Librarian

A chill wind will sometimes blow, one that challenges freedom of speech. When not countered by outrage and protest, such winds have a habit of spreading and growing, making it even more difficult for people to speak out in the future.

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Senior Year and Then Off to College

Tweet Quite easily, missing a deadline can happen, but in doing so you can suffer the consequences. The following is an overview of the schedule you can follow in you

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More Students Are Successfully Taking AP Courses

The College Board has released its 9th Annual AP Report to the Nation, providing a glimpse at what high school students are doing to prepare themselves for college.

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College Completion: Where Students End Up

Tweet In some states, including Minnesota, at least one in four students that started college in 2006 completed their degree elsewhere. In Alaska, 28 percent of college students didn’t just

Featured Personal Advice

Debt Savvy: College Students and Credit Cards

It is a fact that most college students have a credit card.

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Is edX the Future of Online Education?

Tweet That hasn’t stopped other prestigious universities from joining the program nor is it silencing speculation whether this education model can possibly endure. MOOCs Nonetheless, this Harvard-MIT project is bringing

Academics Featured

Background Check: Bachelor Degree Verification

In a tight job market, candidates may be asked to possess something that they did not need to have just five or 10 years ago: a bachelor’s degree. Numerous jobs, from file clerks to dental hygienists, may now require a four-year degree at some companies.

Campus News Featured

For One College Librarian, Freedom of Speech is Under Fire

Tweet His post, since removed, criticized the publisher for substandard scholarship, with commenters offering their opinions including some in support of the publisher and some against. Legal Action Askey and