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5 Things To Do If You Are Unemployed on Graduation Day

You’ve put in the work, you’ve made the grades, and you have that diploma in hand. You are officially done with college and ready for the real world. There’s just one problem: you don’t have a job…yet.

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How to Build an Effective CV and Resume for Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships is often the first step many of us had to take in order to get into the world of academia. And is perhaps the most dreadful, not because it is complex or intrinsically frightening, but because it will be the first time you will be submitting a formal request for funds (but, I assure you, not the last!)

College Training Featured

Getting a Trade Degree as a Career Move may be a More Valid Option Than You Realize!

Going to college for four years appears seems to be the default choice for a lot of people when they finish high school. Other options such as trade school are easily overlooked when considering career options.

College Living Featured

Designing a Dorm Room that Fosters Productivity

Looking back on my college days, I can say they were a unique combination of laughter, friendships and exam concerns, but this one is for sure. The dorm quarters were the last on my list when studying locations are in question.

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Keep Calm and be Popular

What is the one and only thing your parents keep yelling at you about. “Stop using Facebook, Whatsapp etc etc. Concentrate on your studies.” And then the lecturing goes on. For some lucky ones, it ends with “You have no future”.

College Search Featured

Transferring From Community College to a University – Pros and Cons

Almost one half of undergraduate students attend community colleges in the USA – this is according to data from the American Association of Community Colleges.

Campus Life Featured

Maintaining Optimal Air Quality in a Dorm Room

The accommodation during your studies needs to meet certain health requirements in order to maximize your brain performance. Your dorm room should not be seen merely as a place you sleep and party in, as some studying should also occur for time to time.

College Living Featured

5 Essential Tips for Living on Campus: Do’s and Don’ts

Living on campus has almost become a rite of passage that most university students have to go through. From the convenient location to the social opportunities available, campus life offers numerous benefits — though it takes time and effort getting used to.

Featured Job Search

The Importance of Summer Internships to Help You Get a Job When You Graduate

When you’re working on your education at college, one of the most important questions you might have to ask yourself is if you should be working during school. Because as everyone knows, qualifications aren’t enough to help you land that dream job after you graduate – employers are looking for experience too.

Featured Study Tips

6 Essential Study Tips for Lowering Your Stress Level in College

Let’s face it: college can be stressful, and without careful planning and time management, it can get overwhelming. Between classes, work, and extracurricular activities, when are you ever supposed to find time to study?

Education Tips Featured

Alternative Education Ideas for ADHD Diagnosed Students

ADHD diagnosed students can suffer from a range of emotional, academic, and discipline-related issues. The disorder may manifest itself differently depending on the person, but treatment options are often the same.

Career Planning Featured

Career Planning – 7 Tips for Better Planning of Your Career

Career planning isn’t an activity that you should only do once — in college or high school — and then leave behind as you progress with your job and career. Rather, it’s an activity that is best done regularly.