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Featured Student Health

Importance of Regular Health Checkups for College Students

There is nothing more important than your own health, however at certain points in their lives, people are so preoccupied by so many things that they tend to forget this simple truth.

Career Planning Featured

College Career Planning for Job Security or Passion?

A good number of students admitted into college are very ignorant about their chosen career path. Many students have chosen courses that do not align with their strengths, just to enter a certain job market.

College Living Featured

Handling Your First College Roommate – 10 Tips

All across the country, incoming college freshman are getting ready to move away from home for the first time. For many of these new college students, moving away from home means living with a roommate for the first time as well.

Career Planning Featured

Searching for a Job After Getting Your Degree

After three or more years at University, you may be desperate to get out in the big wide world and finally get a job. On the other hand, you may feel overwhelmed with the prospect and think that you’d prefer another few months in the comfort of your student digs.

Commentary Featured

How to Be A Better Critical Thinker in College

When you’re in college, your goal should be to become a more well-rounded person. One of the best ways to do this is to become a better critical thinker as a student.

Credit Cards Featured

Helpful Credit Card Application Tips for College Students

Credit cards are quite expensive, and you should take your time before applying for them. It is a smart idea to review and compare different offers prior to making the application.

College Living Featured

How to Become Best Friends with Your Roomate

Moving into college for the first time can be a real nerve wrecker. Having to move away from your friends and family for the first time, the financial burden of student loans, and the most underrated nerve wrecker for a new college student – living with someone they barely know, in a place they hardly know, for a whole year.

Featured Technology


PC supports the windows operating system while a Mac could support both Mac and a windows operating system.

Featured Scholarships

4 Steps to Getting a College Football Scholarship

The cost of college education has really gone up in the last few years, and your parents must be losing sleep over the prospect of paying around $30,000 + semester for a non-state school. Even if you get selected for a state school, the fees will not be less than $15,000.

Campus Life Featured

Pros and Cons of Being in a Fraternity or Sorority

Pros and cons of the GreekSome people are born into fraternity and sorority life, knowing that when they get to college, they’re going to be a part of Greek life on their campus.

Collegiate Sports Featured

Jump Start Your College Experience by Joining a Sports Team

We all concur that a good education is important. However, not every Tom, Dick or Harry will end up being a doctor, lawyer, accountant, pilot or that career our parents dreams about. Therefore, finding our footing in sports is as important as succeeding in education.

Featured Social Networking

Top Social Networking Platforms and How They Aid Academic Learning

Social networking platforms have greatly improved educational learning for students. Essentially, they play a very important role in providing students with better options that allow them to engage with their classmates, sharpen their skills and access different important academic tools and resources.