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Term Paper Essentials for College Students

As much as you may wish that you did not have to do them, term papers are a fact of academic life. Simply put, a term paper is a lengthy essay or dissertation, one based on a subject that may or may not be of your liking or choosing.

Education Tips Featured

How to Pull Up Your College Grades (Before it is Too Late)

Your grades are in trouble and if they do not improve, you may find yourself drummed out of college.

Campus News Featured

6 Inspiring Student Stories

There are varying portrayals of university students: some see lazy layabouts with too much time and money on their hands, others know that it is a difficult time in which scholars need to juggle work commitments with studying and some struggle to find any direction while they are at university.

College Planning Featured

How Many Colleges Are Worth Applying To?

If you’ve researched the best graduate programs in your field, but you still have a lengthy list of options, you may be wondering exactly how many of these programs you actually have to apply for.

Academics Featured

Your College is Not Your Fate!

The pressure to get into a certain college or university is a tremendous one for numerous students. Indeed, some families take extraordinary measures to ensure that their children are accepted by the finest institutions and are promptly enrolled.

Education Tips Featured

How to Enhance Your Transfer Credentials

You are a community, technical or junior-college student intent on transferring to a four-year school once you get your associate degree. These days, it is much easier to transfer to a four-year college from a two-year program, especially once you have your degree.

Collegiate Sports Featured

Advice for Parents of Student Athletes

It can be a challenge for parents of student athletes to provide the support required to help them succeed in their goals, but most coaches agree that students who go on to play in college need parents who are willing to back them up.

Career Planning Featured

Looking for a More Exciting Job? Try the Travel Industry

Job satisfaction is very important to most people, so anyone feeling stuck in a dead end job is not able to meet the goal fulfillment they had hoped for unless they find a new and better position.

Campus News Featured

Prepping for University Graduation

When it comes to university commencement ceremonies, being prepared is of huge importance. In many cases, students may fail to consider a number of important factors in the lead up to graduation, which can be a time fraught with much stress and anticipation.

Featured Personal Advice

How to Avoid the Scourge of Identity Theft

Identity theft only happens to people with jobs and never to impoverished college students, right? Think again.

Campus Life Featured

Stress Points and the College Student

Stress and college seem to go hand and hand for most students. It seems unavoidable, especially as students transition from youth to adulthood.

Featured Personal Advice

Money Challenges and the College Student

If you are a college student, then you are familiar with the financial challenges experienced by most collegians.