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5 Pieces of Invaluable Advice for a College Freshman

The 2019-20 College school year saw freshman enrollment hit around 20 million students in the United States. That means 20 million incoming freshmen will need a lot of questions answered.

Campus Life

7 Resources Every College Student Should Take Advantage Of

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you go off to college. The increased pressure from a more challenging academic life paired with social issues can make this a difficult transition.

Personal Advice

How to Pass Time at Home Productively

There are times when you find yourself bored at home, uncertain about what to do.

Personal Advice

3 Ways to Make Your College Wardrobe More Mature

Sadly, college doesn’t last forever. Eventually, students graduate and move on to new chapters of their lives.

Student Health

Healthy Students: Causes of Stress in College Students

If you’re out of college, you probably think that those years were the best of your life. However, people who are just now going through college report very high levels of stress due to short deadlines, big workload and lack of motivation.

College Living

Choosing Student Housing, Here’s What You Need To Consider

As a college student, living in student housing can altogether improve your life. In contrast to customary rentals, student housing permits you to blend with individuals and approach significant encouraging groups of people.

College Living

Make Your Apartment A Study-Friendly Place, Here’s How

Gathering ventures are elementary in college classes, and understudies rapidly become familiar with the most ideal approaches to team up with their companions.

Campus Cars

4 Things College Students Should Know About Keeping Their Car in Working Condition

As a college student, having a working car is essential. Whether you’re driving to classes, picking up a late-night snack at a local fast-food restaurant, or going on a road trip with your friends, you depend on your car to always be ready to go.

Personal Advice

Guide and Online Writing Courses for Writers and Authors

Writing is one of the most creative activities one can do. It challenges your creativity to a whole new level.

College Living

Keys to Adapting During College Moves

The average person moves over 11 times throughout their lifetime. That might sound like a lot, but much of that moving around and relocating can happen during your collegiate years.


Top Tips for Aspiring Photographers

With advancements in technology and the prevalence of smartphones, it seems that almost anyone can become a popular photographer these days.

Student Health

4 Projects That Can Benefit Your Mental Health

College students face a lot of stressors that can contribute to mental health issues. Busy schedules, uncertainty about the future, and other complications can create or worsen feelings of depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders.