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What to do After College – Job, Vacation, Travel, Improve, Have Fun?

You’ve done your drinking, your smoking up, your studying (maybe not as much), your dating, and now your days of having fun are over. 4 years of college gone in a flash.

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5 Useful Job Skills You Learn While In College

There are some things you will learn in school that you will use for the rest of your life. Maybe it’s not things you learn from a class you take.

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Facts vs Myths: 3 Lies You Have Been Told About What Awaits in College

High School teachers – God bless them – love to share advice. A favorite topic amongst them, especially with high school seniors, revolves around college and how it will be a complete opposite of what life in high school is.

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The Ultimate Dog Lover’s Pet Guide for College Students! (Part 2/2)

It’s no secret that raising or caring for a dog can be a very exciting experience. However, that experience does come with some up’s and downs, all due to the process of adjusting.

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The Ultimate Dog Lover’s Pet Guide for College Students! (Part 1/2)

Tweet How to find the perfect breed of dog for a petcontinues to part 2 When it comes to the perfect dog breed based on personal preferences, you may already


What is the Best Kind of Laptop for College Students?

Tweet Discussions and modules are also posted online for students to read and participate in. So as you can see, without a laptop, learning in college is difficult. But, not

Social Networking

Sisterhood Events: 7 Ideas for Your Sorority

Tweet However, sometimes thinking of new and fun ideas for your group can be challenging, so instead of doing the same old things over and over again, whey not consider

Study Tips

4 Stress-Free Ways to Prepare for Your Certification Exam

College students looking to prepare for their certification exams as they near graduation and hope to land their dream job need to study as much as possible.

College Living

Professional Life Vs College Life: What are the Biggest Differences?

Tweet From a college friend of mine: Each one of us grew up with an aim, a dream in our heads, which determined our higher education, our choice of college.

Campus Life

How to Make Sure Your Time in College Is Not a Waste

College is seen as practically a requirement for most career paths these days, and many people are flocking to higher education on a regular basis.

Study Tips

Eleven Top Tips for Successfully Balancing Full-Time Work and Study

For many students, getting the balance right between full-time study and part-time work can be particularly challenging. When you study and work at the same time, you’ll need to juggle going to classes, completing homework, assignments, exams, your job, your social life, and trying to stay as sane and stress-free as possible on top of it all.

Traveling Student

Preparing for a Backpacking Trip to South America

When you’re a student, there’s no greater experience and rite of passage that compares to a backpacking trip. You can do a short-term backpacking trip on a school holiday or during the summer.