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Campus Safety

College Student Beware: Online and On-Campus Scams That Can Wipe You Out

In an age where online activity is at an all-time high, college students find themselves in the crosshairs of scammers more often than not.

Study Tips

What to Know About Taking a Macroeconomics College Class

Taking a macroeconomics course in college can be an incredibly enriching and eye-opening experience that goes beyond simply studying economic forces.

College Living

10 Cleaning Hacks College Students Need to Know Before and After Parties

College parties can be a lot of fun, but they can also leave behind a big mess. From spilled drinks to sticky floors, cleaning up after a party can be a daunting task.

Traveling Student

What College Students Should Know about Car Ownership

Car ownership marks a significant milestone for many college students. It symbolizes independence and a desire to create your own path in life. However, it also introduces a new set of responsibilities.

Student Health

Daylight Savings Time Preparation Tips for College Students

With Daylight Savings Time just around the corner, college students are about to experience the annual shift in time – setting clocks forward an hour.

Study Tips

Ways To Strengthen Your Concentration While Studying

There are many times in your college career when your ability to concentrate is essential, and there are ways to improve it for an easier time studying.

Traveling Student

Essential First Aid Supplies for Wilderness Adventures

Spending time in the woods can be a great break from the pressures of college. But don’t go without essential first aid supplies for wilderness adventures.

Campus Cars

Common Types of Accidents That Occur on College Campuses

New college student? You should learn how to stay safe on campus. Check out these common types of campus accidents and how to protect yourself from them.


The Advantages of Using a Chromebook in College

A Chromebook is one of the best devices a college student can use. It’s affordable, and its interface is user-friendly—two benefits of using this device.

Campus Life

Navigating Student Budgets: Affordable Living Tips for New York State

Navigating the costs of education and living in New York State demands savvy budget management, especially for students.

College Living

Trendiest New Hairstyles for Men in 2024

The beginning of each year are great for trying out a new hairstyle. Consider these trendy options for men wanting to do something different with their hair!

Personal Advice

7 Ways To Strengthen Your Church Community

If you want to strengthen the community of your college church, there are many ways to go about it. We’ll cover some of the main ones for you in this post.