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Biggest Myths About College Life

Going to college is a huge moment in any young person’s life. It’s the beginning of young adulthood and the first time they leave their parent’s home. In many ways, it is the first small step to independency.

Traveling Student

Things To Do on Your First College Spring Break Vacation

Every student’s first college spring break vacation should be memorable, so here are some fun and exciting activities to fully explore and enjoy.

Campus Cars

Tips for Extending the Life of a Used Car

Used cars don’t last as long as new ones, but if you’re a college student who can’t afford something new, these tips will help extend the life of your vehicle.

College Living

How to Decide to Live in a Dorm or Rent an Apartment

First-time independence may be exhilarating. Your independence brings big obligations. Meeting people in the dorm is fun, but you may want to venture out.

Study Tips

Best Places to Read and Study in NYC

Readers are the leaders. This adage is still applicable in New York. The city that never sleeps is New York.

Campus Life

4 Ways To Get Involved in a New Community

Moving to a new community for college can leave you feeling lonely. Learn about some different ways to get involved in your new community here.

Personal Advice

Things To Know When Adopting a Schnauzer

College can get lonely, especially if you live alone. Moving out of the dorms means no longer living just down the hall from your friends.

College Living

Smart Tips for Living With a College Roommate

Living with a college roommate can be either a nightmare or a lot of fun. It all depends on how well you get along and how much both of you are willing to compromise.

Campus Life

Why You Should Dress To Impress in College

No matter what year you are, there are many reasons why you should dress to impress in college. Set up your future for success with how you dress.

Student Health

Busy Student’s Guide to Staying Fit in College

College days are the golden time of one’s life; that is something every person over thirty will tell you. But a college student’s life is super busy, and it might be hard to manage everything.

Social Networking

4 Reasons Why College Students Should Carry Business Cards

You don’t need to be a working professional to use business cards. Learn why you should start carrying business cards when you’re a college student.

College Living

6 Tips for Creating a Productive Study Space in Your Dorm Room

Living in a dorm room during college has its perks. However, the lack of space can negatively affect how you study.