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Must-Know Tips for Moving Into Your First Dorm

Since the dawn of higher education, starting college has been a huge milestone for students. Preparing to learn the skills necessary for future careers is a vital aspect of this transition, of course.

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How To Furnish an Apartment With Little to No Money

Moving out of the dorms is a freeing feeling for most college students. Living in an apartment opens so many possibilities, but those also come with responsibilities.

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5 Alternative Ways To Commute to Your Workplace

Whether you are going to class or work, you will likely need a way to commute. While many people use cars, some students do not have this option, or traffic might cause issues.

College Living

Useful Tips for Keeping a Dorm Room Organized

For lots of people, their college dorm room is their first home away from home. It’s the first place you’re almost entirely responsible for if you come from living with your parents.

College Living

Handymans You Should Have On Speed Dial If Living Off-Campus

Renting an apartment as a student can be a very challenging endeavour. If you are off-campus, everything that happens in your living space is your responsibility. Therefore, you must always be careful and prepared for any unexpected situation.

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Bad Habits To Be Aware Of in Puppies

College is a pivotal point in a person’s life. They start defining who they are, making their own life decisions, and take on more responsibilities.

Campus Cars

4 Reliable Vehicles for Commuter Students

The traditional picture of college life is a cramped dorm room with twin beds, a mini fridge and a roommate, but you might be surprised to know that 86% of college and university students don’t live on campus.

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Must-Have Packing Supplies for Long-Distance Moving

The moving process is long and tiresome. You have to make a hundred different plans and be ready to rearrange them at the last minute. While the entire circus can feel overwhelming, it’s best to take it one step at a time.

Student Health

Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace Amid the Pandemic

The pandemic has impacted the healthcare marketplace, affecting everything from pricing to open enrollment dates. This has made navigating the marketplace challenging if you’ve not kept up with these changes.

Student Health

The Best Late-Night Foods in College

College will always involve late-night studying and, with that, late-night snacking. While you may first consider ordering from the local pizza place or burrito stand, healthier brain food might help you feel more well-rested for an exam the next day.

College Living

The Advantages of Living Off Campus in College

It is such an exciting time when you move away to college. One of the most significant decisions you have to make is to decide between living in the dorms or off-campus.

Traveling Student

5 Reasons to Travel Before College

You’ve done it! You finally made it through high school! Now onto…more school.