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4 Student Supplies Every College Classroom Needs

The design and use of college classrooms has changed dramatically in recent years with the growing use of technology. However, certain basic supplies are still found in most classrooms due to their helpful support of academic learning.

College Living

What I Miss About College

Here are a few things I will always appreciate about those years…

Campus Cars

Should You Bring Your Car to College?

When you’re preparing to head to college, there is plenty to think about. You have to think about moving and beginning an entirely new and more independent life. One of the specific decisions you’ll have to make is whether or not you’ll bring your car to college.

Job Search

Helpful Tips for Finding a First Job

No matter what your background is or what field you’re trying to get into, the job search can be intimidating—especially when it’s your first time.

Traveling Student

Camping Essentials for Young Adults

Camping is a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family, and it’s a great alternative to staying indoors during school breaks. The lack of technology and proximity to others allow for a great bonding opportunity.

Education Tips

5 Ways To Stay Focused on Your Studies While Working

Are you planning to take a degree while handling a full-time job at the same time? Well, you can do it as long as you know how to balance your job and studies.


Which is the Hardest ACCA Paper?

People who pass ACCA papers the first time around make up 25% of total test-takers. This isn’t a shock though as it’s known to be one of the most difficult exams to pass first time around.

Education Tips

A Stress-Free Guide to Planning the Perfect Self-Care Day

With midterms only just finished and final exams around the corner, student stress levels have never been higher. The hustle and bustle of schoolwork and a social life only add to the pressure.

Campus Safety

Gender Discrimination STEM Students Face in Universities

For generations, women were considered the keepers of the home and men the keepers of employment and income.

Student Health

5 Essential Health Tips for College Students

Staying healthy on campus can be one of the most essential things to neglect when it comes to college life, especially when there are more important things like deadlines of assignment and exams to be worried about.

Study Abroad

Best Spanish Speaking Countries to Study Abroad In

Studying abroad is a great experience and can be very effective for those attempting to learn a new language or perfect one.

Online Education

How to Find the Right Course for You

The amount of further education courses is enormous, and you have the choice of whether to complete them at the university of your choice or to do them online.