Ways To Grow Your College Ministry Group

Ways To Grow Your College Ministry Group
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    Campus ministries are a great way to connect with the young adults in your community and bring new faces into your church.


But connecting with younger generations—especially students who are already busy with classes, jobs, and other campus groups—is easier said than done.

However, with a little creativity, you can come up with exciting events, groups, and activities to bring in new faces and help your ministry become a larger part of the community. Read on to explore these effective ways to grow your college ministry group.

Run a Bible Study

College is a place of learning. Students are there to explore new ideas and expose themselves to different points of view. That’s why a Bible study group can be a great way to reach students who are interested in learning more about Christianity and its core text.

Buying wholesale Bibles in bulk to give to those who are interested and running a campus study group in a judgment-free environment is the perfect opportunity to introduce new students to your ministry without the pressure of attending actual church services. Plus, both students and ministers can learn a lot by delving into the historical and cultural context of Bible stories and holding open, collaborative discussions about the text.

Create a First-Year Group

Being a first-year student on campus is intimidating, but having a welcoming group of people to hang out with can make those first few months of school less stressful. First-year youth groups are a great way to welcome new students to both the campus and your ministry.

You can plan activities that help your first-year group learn more about the town and get acquainted with college life. Attend campus events as a group, or help your first-year students get off campus for a while by exploring popular restaurants or hangout spots around town.

By tailoring activities and lessons specifically toward college first-years, you create an excellent environment for new students to make friends, form a community, and find their place at school and within your ministry.

Host Home-Cooked Dinners

One of the best ways to get college students to attend any event is to offer free food—especially home-cooked food. When students are away from home and relying on small budgets or campus cafeterias to eat, a warm, delicious, homemade meal is invaluable.

Hosting a dinner for anyone on campus who wants to join is a great way to bring in new people, introduce yourself and your ministry, and simply enjoy time with the students in your community.

Partner With Other Campus Organizations

Whether you’re signing up for campus fundraisers or getting groups together to attend shows, concerts, and games, supporting other groups and organizations across campus is one of the best ways to grow your college ministry. A college is a community.

The more involved your ministry is, the more likely people are to recognize and respect you. This, in turn, means more people will be interested in attending your own events and taking part in your ministry.

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