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Career Planning

Different Ways To Gain Medical Experience Besides Shadowing

As a college student, your time in school counts—not only in your social experiences but also in your professional life. When you walk across the stage in May, how do you want to remember your time? For most, it’s through gaining work experience.

Campus Safety

The Best Tips for Improving Campus Security

Having strong campus security is key to protecting current students and attracting new ones. Here’s what college campuses can be doing to ensure safety for all.

College Living

Upgrades You Can Make to College Campus Amenities

Most colleges offer their students tons of amenities, but how many take the time to upgrade them as they go? Here are some improvements your campus can make.

Campus Life

Features That You Need on Your College Campus

Colleges and universities have a lot of features and amenities that are hard to ignore, but there are some specific ones that not every campus has.

Personal Advice

Helpful Tips for Moving Into Your First Apartment

Few things are more exciting than moving into your first apartment—you have space from your parents and the freedom to live your life as you like. Although you may be excited to decorate your new place, you have to move in first.


Why Every College Student Needs Renters Insurance

If you’re a college student moving into an apartment, listen up! Before you settle in, you should get renters’ insurance to ensure your items are protected.

Campus Life

Tips for Being a Great Resident Assistant

When you become an RA in college, it’s important to know what it takes to be a mentor who is resourceful and can help give students the best experience.

Campus Life

5 Apps That Will Make Going Back to School Easier

College students have difficulty adjusting to new classes and a new schedule during their first couple of weeks at school. But with some well-formed organization and planning, their introduction to the new semester will be easier.

Career Planning

Job Types That Let You Work With Chemicals

Chemistry is an amazing field with a wide range of career paths to choose from. Here are five jobs that let you work with chemicals on a daily basis.

Personal Advice

What Are the Best Holidays for Furniture Sales?

As a college student, you want sturdy furniture that will hold up for all four years, but that can get expensive. Learn the best holiday sales to shop now.

College Living

First College Apartment Bathroom Essentials

Check out this list of the most critical items for your college bathroom. Bring these items with you when you move into your first college apartment.

Online Education

How Technology Is Changing the Future of Higher Education

Technology revolutionizes every industry, including colleges and universities. Here’s how technology is changing the future of higher education.