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What You Need To Know When Purchasing Your First Suit

Your first suit is supposed to be a big part of your life, and it is a significant symbol for entering adulthood. However, getting it right and taking care of it can be a challenge. Here’s what you need to know when purchasing your first suit.


How College Campuses Can Improve Cellular Signal

No matter what your role is on campus, having a good cellular signal can benefit you. This is a guide on how college campuses can improve cellular signal.

College Living

Off to College: Tips for Packing Lightly

Are you ready to take on the next chapter of your life with college? From nourishing classes to numerous social events, college life offers many amazing opportunities. It’s easy to think that you might need all of your belongings to prep for any possible scenario while away from home. However, packing and unpacking are already stress-inducing activities, and adding more items to your list can quickly become overwhelming. Use this list of tips for packing lightly to create a stress-free packing process as you head off to college.

Personal Advice

Natural Ways To Enhance Your Concentration

Focus is a vitally important asset to have in college. If you struggle with staying zoned in, try these natural ways to enhance your concentration.

College Living

How To Handle Spring Cleaning With Roommates

When spring comes around, we often want to start new hobbies or purge any unhealthy items in our lives. Cleaning your apartment is a way to achieve both of these goals, and it also brings organization to your living space.

Campus Safety

The Most Common Unexpected Driving Scenarios

While driving, all kinds of unexpected situations can arise and become dangerous if you’re not sure what to do. Stay safe by learning some of the most common unexpected driving scenarios and what you can do to manage them.

Campus Life

4 Secrets to Building a Strong Friendship

College offers countless opportunities for you to make friends, whether with roommates, classmates, or fellow organizational members. Most of the people you meet at school are the ones that will share a myriad of experiences by your side during the high and low moments in and out of college.

Campus Life

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying a Secondhand TV

Used TVs are a great option for students looking to save money, but there are a handful of questions to ask yourself before buying one for your dorm room.

College Planning

5 Misconceptions About Ivy League Schools

Universities such as Harvard and Princeton have fairy tale–like reputations. Debunk these misconceptions about Ivy League schools and expand your horizons.

Personal Advice

6 Key Tips for First-Time Student Stage Managers

Learn from the experts with these key tips for first-time student stage managers and discover how a few simple steps can make your production great!

College Living

Packing the Perfect Care Package for Your Faraway Friends

Care packages are a great way to stay connected with your friends when you all move away to college. Here are some ideas for packing a great care package.

Money Tips

4 Easy Ways To Make Money in the Summer as a College Student

Whether you’re covering the cost of textbooks or simply earning some spending cash, there are easy ways for college students to make money over the summer.