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Personal Advice

7 Tips for Launching a Startup From Your Dorm

Now is a better time than ever to get into the entrepreneurial spirit as a college student. In the past, business owners were expected to have years of experience to score a chance of working with an investor.

Education Tips

4 Tips for Coping With the Workload of Being an Academic Professional

Many outsiders see professors and view them as having relatively easy lives and workloads. They focus on how those people don’t have to teach classes through the summer, and they often get invited to speak at conferences, along with being associated with other prestigious events.

Career Planning

Problem Solvers: 5 Engineering Careers You Should Consider

In today’s world, many people are thinking critically about whether they should enter the engineering sector. If this is the case for you, now is the time to learn more about the specific vocational opportunities that are available to you.

Campus News

How to Create the Best School Brochures: A Guide with Templates

Did you know that the current expenditures for both elementary and secondary are 15% higher than a few years ago? If you’re operating a school, it’s important to show off your amenities and benefits.

Study Tips

Top Study Tips for Students to Learn Better

Studying can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful when you have too much to learn and you don’t know how to organize your time well.


5 Successful Habits Pre-Med Students Should Adopt

Many students decide to take a pre-med route when they begin college. As they will likely quickly learn, the classes can prove difficult, and the competition can be intense.

Career Planning

Reasons to Pursue a Career in the Medical Field

If you’re still deciding which path you will take as you study at university, you might want to consider being in the medical field. It’s going to be tough, but it could be rewarding.

Student Health

Why Sleep is Critical to Learning

Why is regular sleep important? Because is the mechanism your body uses to rest the body muscles and your brain. Without ample sleep, you will not be able to perform at your best.

College Living

4 College Cooking Hacks

You can’t study on an empty stomach. But when you’re in college, it can be hard to find the time or the money needed to make a nice dinner.

Student Loans

Customer Service Is King: Why Premier Student Loan Center Is Not Taking New Customers

Customers are the core of every business and should always be treated with respect. Happy clients usually help a business build credibility and bring in new customers.

Campus News

How Millennials Are Driving Innovation While Helping Reinvent Businesses

Millennials often catch a lot of criticism from the older generation. They are often touted as being irresponsible, lazy, and too wild and unconventional.

College Search

How to Get a More Personalized and Meaningful College Experience

When you think about college or university classes. it’s only normal to picture a lecture hall full of students with the professor speaking into a microphone just to be heard at the back of the room.