Moving to College Guide

getting ready to move and start college

College!, here you come. But take some time to research what you need so that your transition to college goes smoothly.

Note that you are moving away from home. So use our checklist to gather items you may need as you build your "own home" at college.

Below are four (4) quick summary tasks for moving to college:

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Accepting Your College Admittance

Check your mailbox for acceptance letters from colleges. If a college you are considering hasn't responded, contact the Admissions Office to follow-up.

Compare your acceptance letters, financial aid offers, and other criteria to narrow your selection down to 1-2 schools.

Upon your selection of school(s), you will be required to send in a non-refundable deposit to secure your position in the Freshmen class. So make sure this is the right decision. Use these helpful tools to keep track of your college search.

Use this college comparison worksheet to help in your comparison.

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Getting Ready for the Move

Now that you have selected the college to attend, you now need to get yourself there ... plus setup your own home.

  • you need find housing either on-campus or off-campus
  • you need to think about transportation and how you are going to get around town?
  • you need stuff for the dorm - we're talking about clothes, shoes, personal gear, computer, software, bed and bath linen, kitchenware, and anything else to setup home
  • you need to take care of essentials that include bank accounts, insurance, local registrations, etc.
  • you need to get your school supplies such as books needed for your course work (save money by buying used), pencils, note pads, printing paper, and other supplies
  • you need to start college - familiarize yourself with campus facilities, safety, local services, recreation activities, and other.

Download FREE college moving checklist.

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What if You are Rejected

Not everyone is going to get accepted to their college of choice. With the limited number of slots available, a sizable portion of applicants will be turned away.

Your college search plan has you submitting applications to multiple colleges. Use your comparison sheet to select the best alternate college for your undergraduate needs.

Other options you might consider:

  • Community Colleges
  • Online Programs
  • Vocational Career Programs
  • Work for a Season

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What to Do Prior to the Start

Keep Up Those Studies
College can be a lot of fun. But, it also requires late nights in the library to keep up with assignments and course exams. You can find some helpful guides and books to help you along the way.

Build Discipline
The most important thing to "take" when you start school is discipline and the motivation to succeed. Learn more about building discipline and a better you.

Raise Money During the Summer
Use the summer to raise money that you will need for college. The money can be used for tuition, housing, transportation and even some fun entertainment.

If you worked last summer with a job that you liked, go back and see if you can work with them again the next summer. Or try to find a different summer job that fits your career goals.

Learn About Credit
Before making a decision about credit cards, student loans, and other credit financing, take a brief moment to view our affiliated center on credit card and debt management.

about credit/debt/money
about credit management
about debt management
about money management

Helpful Tools

Some helpful tools for making decisions:

college moving checklist (pdf print file)
shopping for college sheet (pdf print file)