Summer months: visit colleges

use the summer before your final HS year to visit colleges

The summer months before you begin your senior year in HS is the perfect time to visit colleges. Select a view within your area to tour the campus, meet with students, and visit classrooms and other facilities that may be available.

Below are four (4) quick summary tasks for the summer months:

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Start Your College Search

You should have completed your list of colleges that you would like to attend. Your college list should include a profile of college costs, admission requirements, and academic programs.

Your search categories include:

  1. search list of 2-3 schools that you could definitely get in
  2. search list of 4-5 schools that you could probably get in
  3. search list of 7-8 schools that you would like to get in

You should budget on how much you can afford for application submission. If the application submission costs for 16 or more schools is too much. Narrow your search to 3-3-3.

Start your search:

search 4-year colleges-universities
search community colleges
search online schools and programs
search vocational and career schools

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Study for the College Exams

Register to take your college entrance exams for next Fall, if you have not done so already. Check your college listing or guidance counselor for information.

Colleges require different college entrance exams. You need to check with your college to determine which exam to take.

Many students will sit for both exams to make sure they meet qualifications for all colleges. Discuss your exam needs with your guidance counselor.

There are two types of exams:

  1. SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests
  2. The ACT Assessment®
about the two college entrance exams
about the SAT exam
about the ACT exam

for HS seniors

Prepare the College Application

The summer is a good time to get your college application started. Fill out as much information you have online. Save it. Then come back later to revise or fill in the blanks.

Key elements of the application:

  1. Request an application form (or link to the common app) from each of your colleges.
  2. Your college admissions application will most likely require 1- 2 essays. Use the weekends to write and edit your essays.
  3. Most college admissions require 1-2 recommendations from teachers and/or community leaders. Select who should write your recommendation.
  4. Study for your college entrance exams if you are taking them this fall. Colleges require different college entrance exams. You need to check with your college to determine which exam to take.
  5. Double check your transcripts when you start your senior year. You will need to forward these transcripts to colleges for admission review.
  6. Take a swim, tennis, karate or other class over the fall semester (either with your school or community group). You want to show well-roundness in your application.

for HS seniors

Summer College Visits

The summer is a good time to schedule college visits and interviews. These college appointments will go fast, so start early by contacting your college of choice.

What to do when you make a visit:

  • Plan to visit the college for a full day. Attend when the school is in session, if possible.
  • Arrange an interview with the admission office.
  • Meet with the financial aid office to get all related financial aid information offered by that school.
  • Check out the library,student unions,sporting facilities, and academic centers. Walk the campus to familiarize yourself with the layout.
  • Review housing facilities and dormitories to determine whether to live on-campus or off-campus housing. Note the college rules for housing. Some colleges require first-time Freshmen to live in dormitories.
  • Schedule time to speak with students and faculty visit the clubs and societies that are part of the campus life. Check campus rules, safety programs, and facilities that maintain the safety of the campus.
  • Drive around the surrounding community to familiarize yourself with restaurants, theaters, rec areas, job opportunities, etc.
view your college online
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