February calendar: process SAR

use this month to find financial aid

February is the month to get ready for college. Acceptance and financial aid notices will be arriving over the next several weeks. Watch for deadlines. Don't slow down on finding financial aid. Find all of the scholarship money you can get.

Below are four (4) quick summary tasks for the month of February :

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for HS seniors

Process SAR

If you submitted your FAFSA form early, you should receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) from the US Dept. of Education indicating your eligibility for financial aid. Make any corrections to the report and return it to the FAFSA processor.

If you haven't submitted your FAFSA, you need to do so quickly to meet important college financial aid deadlines.

Monthly checkup:

  • Make sure your High School sends all necessary transcripts and grades to your colleges of choice. Check with your guidance counselor for assistance.
  • Check to see if all of your application materials have been sent. Contact the admissions office of the college(s) to which you have applied to make sure they have everything.
some helpful resources
see the FAFSA form for SAR information

for HS seniors

Advanced Placement Exams

Have you considered taking Advanced Placement Exams or the CLEP to test out of preliminary college courses such as pre-algebra, history and others? The tests are coming up. Why spend the time and cost to attend college courses you don't need. So get yourself ready.

The exams are administered each year in the Spring with some preparation required prior to the exam. Check with your high school for exam administration, enrollment and information.

some helpful resources
see the CollegeBoard.org who administers these exams

for HS seniors

Credit Management 101

Before making a decision about credit cards, student loans, and other credit financing, take a brief moment to view our affiliated member site on credit card and debt management.

It is an important topic as you start your adult life. Good credit will be needed when it time to buy a home, get your dream car, and even land your first career job:

understanding how credit works
visit our Credit Management module for information

for HS seniors

Important Note

Schools will be sending out acceptance notices within the month. If you applied to more than one school, you need to decide in order which school you would like to attend.

Use this college comparison worksheet to help in your comparison.

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