HS juniors: finalize college selection

take april to finalize and compare your college selection

April is a good time to finalize your college selection. You should have several selected.

The upcoming summer break will be good time to visit the colleges that you have selected. View the campus, housing, programs, and speak with counselors and students.

Below are four (4) quick summary tasks for the month of April:

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for HS seniors

Quick Monthly Checkup

A brief checklist:

  • Summer is almost here. You will have only 1 year left before graduating from High School. Any plans after that?
  • If you are going to college, you need to sit for exams.
  • Have you started your college search? You need to get that information organized so that you can submit applications this September.

tasks for HS juniors

Finalize Your College Search

Your winter semester task was to assemble a list of colleges or trade schools you'd like to attend.

You were to meet with your school's guidance counselor to discuss your plans and to arrange important campus visits. You need to finalize this task to get your college admission papers ready for submission.

There are three search categories for schools:

  1. 2-3 schools that you could definitely get in
  2. 4-5 schools that you could probably get in
  3. 7-8 schools that you would like to get in

You should budget on how much you can afford for application submission. If the application submission costs for 16 or more schools is too much. Narrow your search to 3-3-3.

search 4-year colleges-universities
search community colleges
search online schools and programs
search vocational and career schools

tasks for HS juniors

Compare Your College Selection

Use our comparison worksheet to list your schools side-by-side. Determine which school is best for your academic objectives:

File Type: excel

You should plan to make a college visit before submitting your application. The cost to attend college can be high for many schools. So make sure this is the right school for you.

Start to arrange campus visits with your select colleges and meet with college recruiters that visit your school:

view your college online
start with a virtual tour

tasks for HS juniors

Get a Summer Job

Use the summer to raise money you will need for college. That money can be used for tuition, housing, transportation and even entertainment.

If you worked last summer with a job that you liked, go back and see if you can work with them again. Or try to find a different summer job that fits your career goals:

some summer job searches