January calendar: file FAFSA form

now focus your time on getting financial aid

January begins the year by collecting information you (and your parents) will need to file the FAFSA form. The FAFSA is used by colleges and scholarship funds to determine your aid eligibility. It is used by almost all colleges to determine aid amount.

Below are four (4) quick summary tasks for the month of January:

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Monthly Checkup

A quick checklist of prior monthly tasks that should be completed:

  • Many schools have January deadlines for college admissions. Make sure you send a completed application with transcripts, essays and letters of recommendation.
  • For those who did early submission, you should received by early January admission notices. If no, contact your school to ask when early admission notices will be sent. Make sure you reply to any school request.
  • Continue searching for scholarship money.
  • Men 18 years or older must be registered for Selective Service to receive federal financial aid. You can register online.

for HS seniors

Submit the FAFSA Form

The US Department of Education's FAFSA form will be required for all Federal Aid Programs and many scholarships. It is used by colleges to determine your financial aid eligibility.

The FAFSA form uses a methodology to calculate the cost of education at the school you are attending and the expected family contribution towards that cost. Your school will use the form to award what financial assistance you may need.

Submit your FAFSA form as soon as possible (anytime starting January 01 for the upcoming Fall semester). Don't wait to hear whether you have been accepted or not by a college. You want the FAFSA form sent to the school so that they can assemble an award package as soon as you are accepted.

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For Late Starters

HS Seniors, have you started your college planning process? If not, you need to move fast. Most college admission deadlines are due this month for the upcoming Fall semester:

  • selecting the type of career and studies
  • finding the right school
  • submitting your college application
  • analyzing college costs
tips to get you going
see the later starter calendar

for HS seniors

Important Housing Notes

You need to start thinking about your housing. Where are go going to live once you move to college?

  • For on-campus:
    check with your college of choice. Once you get accepted into college, you need to move fast for on-campus housing arrangements to avoid being placed on a waiting list.
  • For off-campus:
    search online for student housing options and apartments.