Top 5 Dream Career Opportunities for Sports Fans

Top 5 Dream Career Opportunities for Sports Fans
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There are lots of opportunities available to work in the world of sports, so there is no reason to turn away from your passion. Below are five dream career opportunities for sports fans that allow them to earn a great living.

Athletic Administrator

Also known as an athletic director, the athletic administrator is the responsible party overseeing coaches and related staff members in the institution. Larger schools and colleges usually have positions for this job. However, the employee is always considered an administrator, and not a faculty member. There are also those who can wear two hats: athletic administrator and coach. This practice has been popular in a number of major football and basketball teams, especially in the South, giving the administrator/coach full control of the team.

Although in the past it was common for college athletic administrators to hold physical education or sports administration degrees, today many of these candidates hold business administration degrees instead. These individual may even go a step farther in their studies be receiving a Master’s Degree in Athletic Administration. Employment opportunities also include high schools, middle schools, and even private corporations.

Sports Psychologist

A degree in sports psychology can keep a sports enthusiast close to the game and the individual players, while making a lucrative income. This trained professional works with athletes in all sports, leagues, and levels, ensuring the optimum psychological health of the players. Athletes are under constant pressure and stress to perform, and they can only do so when they are in good shape, both physically and mentally. Sports psychologists can be consultants or employees of a particular team.


A career as a sportscaster is also one that is alluring to many sports enthusiasts. Not only can they enjoy watching live events of their favorite sports, and travel with their team, but they also enjoy becoming celebrities themselves. This could lead to a long and lucrative career with many bonuses and other opportunities that are offered to those in the limelight. Even though the salaries of sports announcers are relatively low in most cases, there are those who have signed contracts in the millions.

Physical Therapist

In sports of almost any nature, there is a high risk of injuries to the players. In fact, some players can become injured numerous times in one season. As a result, teams always have physical therapists on their payroll, earning an annual salary that can also be augmented in private practice. All the while, therapists who treat players on an individual basis, often establish personal relationships with their heroes. 

Sports Nutritionist

Athletes must eat a healthy diet in order to better perform and stay in top physical condition. For these reasons, teams usually have their own nutritionists caring for their athletes. In the United States, nutritionists do not require a degree in the field to call themselves one, and anyone with some knowledge or background in nutrition can work in the field. However, in the case of major league sports, teams would likely turn to licensed professionals to guide their athletes and keep them healthy.

These are just a few of the many careers related to sports. For the majority, working to survive is a necessity, so it is should be within a field that is interesting and fun. There is no reason to suffer for decades doing something you hate when there are opportunities to do what you love. What could be better than being well paid to do what you love doing? Check out the possibilities and make some educated decisions to have a better future.

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Sarah Daren blogs and writes in the fields of health and athletics. This article was specifically written to explain career opportunities available and to promote further study with an Athletic Administration Master’s Degree.


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