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Career Planning

Going Into the Medical Field? How to Get a Certification Along the Way

There are many career options in the medical field. From traditional medicine to alternative therapy, a variety of programs can help you find your calling. This overview will cover what you need to know and how you can get certified.


Tips For Selecting the Right Career After Graduating

Do you really know yourself? Do you want to find a job that you will enjoy and that suits your personality and needs? If so, that’s great.

Career Planning Featured

Building A Successful Career Brand – 4 Important Tips For Every College Graduate

Having a compelling and consistent personal brand can give you an edge, whether you aspire to be promoted, increase your visibility with your employer, or get your dream job.

Job Search

What a Career as a Plumber is Actually Like

A career as a plumber can be quite lucrative. Most individuals and industries will require a plumber at some stage. In fact, quite likely many times, so it is a fairly reliable career choice.

Career Planning

How to Work Toward Career Longevity

The world of work is different than it was in earlier generations. No longer do the majority of employees stick it out for the long haul, remaining with one company their entire working career.

Social Networking

7 Facebook Mistakes College Students Make

How NOT to mess up your social media presence. Facebook now has 1 billion global users and is a behemoth that has transitioned to public ownership.

Education Tips

How To Utilize Humanities Degrees

What can you do with a Humanities Degree you ask?

Personal Advice

Beyond College: Your Road to Success

Soon, your college years will be over. And that means you will be entering the workforce and pursuing the career you have longed to realize.

Career Planning

7 After College Tips for Graduating Students

Tassel turning time will soon be here and that means nearly two million people will get their associate, bachelor’s, master’s or other advanced degree.


College Advice That Remains Largely Unspoken

If you want to succeed at college, then following much of the tried and true advice you hear is wise. But that advice may not cover everything about college life, leaving you wondering if something unspoken should be said.

College Training

Sage Advice for Snagging a Summer Internship

Your academic progress is certainly important to recruiters, but they want to see something else. Namely, real life experience. That experience can be hard to come by, unless you are willing to work as an intern.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Medical Assistants

Visit any doctor’s office and you may be met by a team of medical professionals before you see your physician.