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Traveling Student

How to Plan a Budget-friendly Road-Trip If You Are a Student

College is a time of new experiences and adventures. There is no better time in your life to take off and see the world, and with new friends and new freedoms, weekend road trips let you share these experiences with others.


5 Ways to Pay for College Without Going into Debt

The price of a university degree has gotten out of hand. This is especially true in if you do not possess great athletic skills or have a perfect score on your SATs.

Job Search

Tips On Hiring The Right Person For The Job

If you have a background in hiring or recruiting, you probably already know what it takes to hire the perfect person or people for the job.


How to Write a Scholarship Essay

Heading to college is quite pricey. However, it doesn’t have to be thanks to the help of scholarships.

Campus Safety

4 Steps College Administrators Can Take to Keep Students Safe

While colleges serve as a means for students to learn, academic success can only really be achieved when everyone on campus feels safe.

Career Planning

4 Features to Look for in a Nursing School

Nothing is more exciting than browsing potential colleges and trying to figure out which one is right for you. This can be challenging, but it is easier if you know what you are planning on doing and what kind of school you want to go to.

College Planning

How Can Military Veterans Get Ready for College?

Military veterans have to deal with many big changes. Transitioning from military service into the civilian life can be quite taxing and confusing initially.

Online Education

4 Online Degrees That Are Actually Worth Your Time & Money

It can be difficult determining if an online program is right for you. There are lots of degrees that you can receive that may not provide you with the most benefit.

Career Planning

5 Tips to Being Successful in Your Career after College

Graduating from college and entering the working world is a very big moment in anyone’s life. For those that are about to enter the real world, beginning to work full-time can seem like a big challenge.


How to Get College Credit for Military Experience and Training

Military training and experience provides valuable skills that are applicable to college credit.

Social Networking

Sisterhood Events: 7 Ideas for Your Sorority

Tweet However, sometimes thinking of new and fun ideas for your group can be challenging, so instead of doing the same old things over and over again, whey not consider

Study Abroad

The Countless Benefits of Studying Abroad – Infographic

Tweet College is the perfect time to explore oneself – your hobbies, educational interests, and future career options – but it’s also an ideal time to explore the world around