A Lazy Person’s 3 Tips for College Success

A Lazy Person’s 3 Tips for College Success
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    Typically, words like "exams" and "studying" go hand in hand.

    This is as true now as it was ten years ago when I was working towards my B.A.


A story/tips from another college friend of mine… enjoy.

It hardly feels long ago at all that I was listening to my friends bemoan their upcoming exams or staying up extra late with my then girlfriend as she studied hard for a test. I never did feel this need to study – and I did quite well in university. A lot of people back then thought I was lazy, when in reality I was – oh who am I kidding? I was very lazy – and still am. If you could work hard and be stressed or relax and have a good time, which would you prefer? Well, I’m going to tell you the three tricks that worked for me during university.

1) Pick a major that interests you.

This should go without saying, but the fact is so many college students pick to enroll in a degree program because either they think they will get a high paying job or because their families want them to study that particular subject. I really should not have to say this – but you are going to retain information that interests you a lot more easily than if you have to cram a boring topic into your long term recall. The harsh reality is there is a VERY likely chance that you will not be doing anything that your major is useful for. So study something that INTERESTS you, not something you hope will help you get rich 10 or 20 years down the line.

2) Pay attention in class and do your work thoroughly.

Just because I was lazy about studying doesn’t mean I jerked around and did nothing. Okay, I admit to skipping a few classes – but I swear I had good reasons for that. The thing is – I learned a valuable lesson from my English teacher during exam weeks my senior year of high school. As we cracked open our books to start cramming before the test that would come in another 10 minutes, she told us to close our books. Her words were, “if you don’t know it now, you’ll never know it.” The fact is, if you are cramming for a test to stick information into your short term recall, you are learning nothing and just wasting your time and money going to college. Forget studying. Pay attention in class. Participate in class discussions. Do your work every day and do it thoroughly. In short, stay engaged throughout the entire process.

3) Take Breaks

Skip class once in a while. Hit the pub with some friends (if you are 21 – I do not support fake ID users). College should be fun – not a place where you are constantly studying your rear off trying to get a super high G.P.A. Sure, you could study super hard and possibly get a 4.0 – but what is that going to get you? I was told by a business owner that companies prefer college students who have graduated with 3.0-3.5. He went on to explain that it shows they went out and did stuff other than study. When you get into the workforce, your social skills will be as important or more so than you academic skills.

There you have it guys (and gals)! Stop sweating those exams and studying for long hours. Do something you like, take it easy and have fun. Speaking of fun – what’s more fun than sharing awesome tips with your friends. Get on your Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you use and link your friends to this article so they can stop stressing and start having fun in college.


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