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College Planning

College Classes – Know What You Need to Take

Tweet Story and commentary from another friend of mine about course planning in college: One thing college students often do is blindly take the classes everyone else says they should

College Planning

HS College Planning Tips: for week of Aug 30

Tweet HS Seniors: Finalize Your College Search and Selection It’s time for high school seniors to review your college search and narrow your selection down to those schools that meet


The Dark Side of Technology in College Life

Tweet College is not a place for just another student life, but a final step before you choose a career for your life. So it is important that you make

College Living

Moving Out: List of Necessary Items for College Students

Tweet Introduction News about enrolling for a college usually brings about a lot of excitement. It is important that students about to join college be aware of the necessary items

Campus News

Why You Should Write for Your College Newspaper

Tweet You’ve probably heard that getting involved in campus activities is recommended by career experts as a way to impress employers. It’s true that campus involvement teaches students a number

Study Tips

8 Study tips to Help You Ace Your Upcoming Exam

Tweet You have set your mind to ace your next exams with straight A’s. You have your study material ready. But then you don’t know how to start. You desire

College Planning

HS College Planning Tips: for week of Aug 23

Tweet For Rising High School Seniors Have your made any "after high school" plans such as college or other high education? research job trends explore careers understand your aptitude for

Book Reviews Personal Advice

Gearing Up For College? Here Are 5 Books You Better Read

Tweet Chances are if someone hands you a Charles Dickens novel and asks you to go through it, you will fall sick. Believe me, for most college-goers this is a

Commentary Personal Advice

Older College Student? Take A Deep Breath, It’s Going to be Okay

Tweet This is it, you have decided to take that big leap and go off to college. However, there’s a catch – you’re not as young as your peers. You’ve

Campus Life Technology

15 Reasons Why Every College Student Needs to buy a Tablet Computer

Tweet Introduction Tablet computers have become very popular in the whole world. This is because they have certain advantages over laptops and desk top computers. Some of the advantages include:

Personal Advice Study Tips

A Lazy Person’s 3 Tips for College Success

Tweet A story/tips from another college friend of mine… enjoy. Typically, words like “exams” and “studying” go hand in hand. This is as true now as it was ten years

College Living

4 Major Reasons Why You Should go to a Big State School

Tweet This post contains the story and viewpoints of one of my close friends, who shared this with me. I am sharing this because I feel that it can be