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How to Choose the Perfect Major

It can be hard trying to choose what you want to do for the rest of your life. Some of us are lucky and always know what we want to do, but for the majority of us, we have no idea.

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A Lazy Person’s 3 Tips for College Success

Tweet A story/tips from another college friend of mine… enjoy. Typically, words like “exams” and “studying” go hand in hand. This is as true now as it was ten years

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You Can Finish College One Year Early

Tweet That’s possible if you employ the following strategies to make your exit from academia an early one — save money and begin your career sooner. Take College Classes in


College Majors and College Minors

Tweet At some point while attending college you will have to declare your major. This can happen early in your freshman year, but usually no later before the end of

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10 In-Demand College Majors

High school seniors and non-matriculated college students are nervously scanning the news these days to see if their intended career path is still open or whether they’ll need to adjust their plans accordingly. Fortunately, an economic downturn usually means that hiring for key jobs is only temporarily curtailed while the long term prospects for most in-demand careers remain bright.

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Should You Transfer to a Different College?

Ideally, students will start and finish their undergraduate work at the same school, enjoying the familiarity, consistency, and the security of attending one school. There is something to be said about student and faculty relationships that are built over four years, what can provide a lifetime of mutually satisfying support.


5 Reasons for Transferring From Your College

Tweet Firstly, one in three college students will eventually transfer according to a report from the National Student Clearinghouse. Secondly, some students will drop out, but if you’re intent on


How College Concentration Courses Work

Tweet Majors, minors and college concentrations! College Concentrations Some colleges dispense with the idea of a college minor. Instead, students take a college major and then choose an area of


Is A College Minor Important?

Tweet Academically speaking, where does a college minor fit in? That may be hard to say, but your college minor can allow you to take classes for something that is

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Change Your College Major With Care

Tweet How to change your college major. Changing career paths is very common for college students who will often find that they’re not suited for or interested in a certain

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Book Review: Panicked Student’s Guide

Tweet Choosing a College Major. Get it right and you can lay the foundation for career success and happiness. College Majors Choosing a college major isn’t that easy for some

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Book Review: College Major Quizzes

Tweet Consider your interests, skills, values and personality when selecting a college major. Getting it right from the start can help students finish college on time, save money and prove