Using Twitter To Land Your Next Job!


I’ve been a registered member of Twitter, that 140 character social media messaging site for about two years, but only began to use this nifty internet tool over the past few months. I’m glad that I did.

TwitterTwitter is an excellent way to connect with like-minded folks, including people who could be looking to hire you, the new college grad. Even if you’re still in college and are looking for part-time or temporary work, Twitter can help connect you with employers if you follow some very simple rules.

How To Get Noticed On Twitter

As with any social media site, your message can get crowded out by all of the noise. Thus, it is important that you carefully think what sort of strategy that you should use so that you can be heard. What works for one person may not work for you and vice-versa, but the following are some of the highly effectual steps devoted Twitter users take:

Brand Yourself – Twitter doesn’t give you a whole lot of space to tell people who you are, but the first thing you’ll want to do is pick a user name. Whether you use your real name or some sort of nickname such as “seeking2launchcareer” you’ll want to be consistent in how you present yourself through this site. Personally, my name is my brand so I use “mattkeegan” and I place a real picture of myself online. While an avatar may be okay, why not reveal to potential employers who you really are?

Power Up Your Profile – Your profile area is simple, allowing you to add a link (which could go directly to your resume) and a profile (again, 140 characters) where you’ll need to demonstrate exactly what you are looking for in a pithy phrase. For example, if you’re a recent engineering grad, you’ll need to explain as briefly as possible what you’re all about, what you’re looking for and what you can offer to an employer. You can’t be detailed, so practice what you want to say and tweak it until you feel comfortable with what you’re all about.

Start Networking – As soon as you sign up to Twitter, you’ll be connected with as many as twenty people automatically. Truthfully, this list of starlets and other famous folks can be a huge distraction so don’t spend much time interacting with them. In my case, I blocked their follows so that I could concentrate on connecting with people who share my thinking when it comes to tweeting.

Get To Work – New Twitter users will often lurk and observe what others are tweeting about, but my recommendation is that you dive in as soon as possible. It is okay to leave messages such as, “I’m feeling refreshed thanks to my first cup of joe this morning,” but take care how much you share and how you say it online. Remember, you’re tweeting to find work and not every employer wants to know all of your intimate details, political thoughts, attitudes, etc. Be prepared to tell abbreviated stories about yourself, one tweet at a time.

Sell Yourself – Work diligently to build up a base of followers and people you personally follow to keep tabs on them and their tweets. If someone writes says something you like, retweet their message or send a reply. You can “correspond” with people by reply or direct message and, if they have a link on their profile, go to their site for more information.

Tweak And Tweet – Once you start getting the hang of Twitter, you’ll want to go through your updates, modify your profile and build additional connections. A broad audience is fine, but sometimes the most difficult to follow. Search for people to add to your followers, especially human resources people at companies that interest you. In fact, if you are on a company website and find their little “follow me” button, then add them to your list.

Finding Work On Twitter

I’ve connected with several people on Twitter who were hiring, landing one gig while culling through others that weren’t a good fit, but I passed on to grateful friends. The more knowledgeable and helpful you are on Twitter, the more likely you’ll connect with other smart Twitter users, increasing the chances that you’ll come across people who may be interested in hiring you.

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