5 Tips on Surviving College for New Students

5 Tips on Surviving College for New Students
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    There is an overwhelming sense of freedom once you are done with high school.

    The next step for many people in college and when you have been accepted, have settled and are ready to jump in the whole thing it sounds fun.


However, if you want to have good grades and have fun, you need to do some planning. College is a different animal and you will need to adapt to everything from different people to a different learning pace. College professors also will not run after you like teachers do at school, and you will have to solve your own academic and practical problems.

1. Stay for the introduction

Even though it seems like the most boring thing in the world, the first-day orientation can save your nerves and time. Someone will be there to give you names and numbers of people to call. Someone will point you in the right direction of different buildings on campus, so you don’t have to spend hours looking for them later. Besides, you can be bored together with other people and make new friends.

2. Create friendships

This is probably the most important thing of them all. Make new friends. Stay in touch with your old mates from back home and talk to your family, but create new connections in college. Even if it is just to study together. It will be easier if you have a group of people to hang out with. Motivating yourself is easier when you have other people around.

3. Organization is the key

If you want to find time for studying and other activities and not fall behind. Different people have different methods. Get a calendar and a daily planner. Save important dates and events on your phone or tablet.
Set aside certain times for library, mark the exam dates and project deadline dates so you clearly know when they are due. And designate time for your friends and your personal time.

Sleep. Sleep enough. Many students suffer from sleeping problems because their schedule is just too disorganized. So plan ahead and stay ahead.

4. Create your own space

Whether you live on the campus or off campus, creating your own personal space will keep you energized and much happier. To be successful you need to be comfortable and if you blatantly hate your room or your flat – it is never going to happen. Put posters on the walls, make a change in the interior or bring your favorite toy from home. All of the little things add up and it will be easier for you to adapt if you love the space you are in.

Do you like candles? If you are allowed because of safety reasons – get some candles. Or incense. If your roommates or flatmates agree. Check permissions and maybe re-paint walls in the color you find calming.

Make yourself a designated study area and perhaps study outside your bedroom. It helps people to concentrate because of your brain associates bedroom with peace and tranquillity.

5. Stay healthy

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Remember to eat and not just fast food. Your body and brain need a balanced diet to continue learning. Look after yourself and your friends. Energy drinks will not solve the problems.

Share these and other favorite tips with your mates and talk to freshmen about them. It is important to enjoy your time at college and these little things will help you to do that. Make friends with first years too, because you have been there and know how they feel.

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