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How College Students Can Choose the Right Color for Their Apartment/Home

Tweet Why Choosing The Right Colors Is Harder Than You Think Among your toughest options would be choosing colors for your home or apartment. It is not easy and you

Student Health

How to Avoid Becoming Depressed During Your First Year of College

Tweet There are challenging college classes to look forward to, as well as campus living, parties, new friendships and relationships on the horizon. Unfortunately, freshman college students can feel depressed

Collegiate Sports

Does ”Student Athlete” Actually Mean What it Says?

Tweet With the latest hot subject coming from the UCLA football wizard Josh Rosen about the idea that “football and school don’t go together”, everyone now puts some serious thought

College Living

How to Spruce Up Your Dorm Room to Feel ‘Homey’

Tweet All it takes is a quick glimpse on social media to see that people are going all out when it comes to this these days. It makes sense when

College Living

College Life: Laundry Tips That Every College Student Should Know

Tweet All of a sudden, one morning you wake up, late for class, pull open your dresser drawer, and realize you are out of undies. Time to do some laundry.

Education Tips

How To Achieve Perfect Thesis Writing Skills

Tweet However, this assignment is probably the most important one, not just because it is the final achievements of one’s education, but also because it represents a card of admission

Education Tips

The Successful College Student’s Time Management Guide

Tweet Having a clear and organized schedule and doing away with procrastination will ensure that you are well prepared during your exams. As much as time is available to everyone,

Campus Safety

6 Safety Apps for College Students

Tweet While several top-tier schools are taking a stand against crime with emergency alert apps, there are also several options that you can employ on your smartphone or mobile device

College Living

College life: What do You Miss From Your Campus?

Tweet For most of us who had gone through it, it marked the point where we felt the full ownership of our lives. It was an opportunity we earned. We

Collegiate Sports

How to Cut Costs as a Traveling College Athlete

Tweet But it’s easy to think of this venture as more of a vacation than a business trip and overspend. In addition, you have long travel delays and grades and

Campus Life

5 Tips on Surviving College for New Students

Tweet However, if you want to have good grades and have fun, you need to do some planning. College is a different animal and you will need to adapt to

Education Tips

An Indispensable Guide to Choosing Your College

Tweet A college is where many people come together to learn something and have their diploma. A college consists of directors, advisors, books, auditoriums, sports, teachers, students and a verified