Going to College: Is it a Win or a Bust? Loan vs Success

Going to College: Is it a Win or a Bust? Loan vs Success
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    Going to college has been a dream for many Americans throughout time.

    But just how good of a dream is it still?


Many people believe going to college is not what it used to be, while others suggest that it’s still your best chance for a fantastic job.

What’s your take?

The College Debt Bubble

Going to college has been a dream for many Americans throughout time. But just how good of a dream is it still?

A credit bubble has been forming, and for all of those who are not familiar with the term, it’s basically debt that has not been getting paid and has accumulated interest.

What does this mean for your average college student?

For starters, it means that you are going to be paying more interest on that particular loan.

Why A Debt Bubble?

If you’re thinking of getting a student loan, you probably have already heard people saying that, back in the old days, there wasn’t such a thing as ‘going into debt’ for the sake of an education. People would just get a part-time job and pay their books with that. Tuition wasn’t that big of an issue and it wasn’t that expensive.

Some experts blame the educational system and college sports. More and more money has been poured into collegiate sports, making it necessary for colleges to raise tuition every single year.

Is There Another Way?

Many parents go into debt or take out a mortgage to be able to send their sons and daughters to school because that’s the way they’ll have a better chance at life, right?

But just how true is it that going to college is the only way. Is there another way around it? Is it worth it to just skip going to school?

There are cases that have become very well-known where people have left school to pursue their dreams and have become millionaires in the process. Take the cases of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Alan Sugar. They left school and developed their ideas, and just look at them.

Of course, not every dropout has the creative genius of these three guys, but one thing’s for sure: it is possible.

Why You Should Attend College Anyway

Nevertheless, attending college is more a question of options and tools.

You see, in life, everything plays a key role in determining your future: how good of a worker you are, how creative you are, who you know, but most importantly what you know. It is here where going to college has its biggest edge.

College provides you with lessons and tools you will not get anywhere else. It also gives you a laboratory setting that you won’t have in life. Sure, you can make some mistakes along the way, and they will give you the lessons you need to be more successful later. But, the thing is, these mistakes won’t cost you one dime.

In real life, making a mistake in a job can land you in the street faster than you can say “Sorry, boss,” and not many bosses will be as considerate as your college teacher.

College is ‘practice’ for many things. You practice how to improve your presentation technique, your negotiation skills, and teamwork. College gives you a chance to meet new people and even start friendships and partnerships that can last a lifetime. Who knows? You roommate right now can turn out to be your greatest business partner, right Steve Wozniak?

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