The Benefits of a Freelancing Career After College

The Benefits of a Freelancing Career After College
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    The journey through college is a thrilling one.

    It comes with the acquisition of knowledge and skills that prepare you for your future career.


However, after graduation, you can find yourself in an uncertain place. You start to feel the pressure of finding a formal white-collar job that aligns with your training. You have all it takes. You are young, ambitious, and enthusiastic to forge a career path that suits your desired lifestyle.

For intrinsically motivated individuals like you, freelancing could be the answer. According to a study on the American workforce, about 40% of workers in 2020 and beyond are projected to be freelancers and contract workers.

This high statistic is not in vain, though. Freelancing has an array of advantages to many people and especially recent graduates. Let us see the benefits you can get from freelancing. 

Why you should venture into freelancing after college

  • The initial step to your dream career

    Earning your degree is a great step towards joining your career path. However, more important are connections and the networks you get to create in the industry.

    Freelancing is the best way to get your foot in the door of your next permanent employer. It allows you to make useful contacts with industry players.

    Besides, you get the opportunity to showcase your talents and knowledge and also to market your skills to potential employers.

    In the end, you will have found people who are in need of your knowledge and skills and ready to offer you a rewarding job.

  • Gain hands-on skills

    Coming right from the school where you have been accumulating knowledge and skills, freelancing presents to you an opportunity to try your hand on the real work-world. Here, you get to learn the dynamics of the industry and what is expected of you first-hand.

    For example, if you studied for a degree in sales and marketing, finding a freelance job in sales will give you a chance to meet customers. During your interactions with customers in your marketing endeavors, you will gain experience on how to deal with and engage buyers. In the end, you will have garnered the experience needed for a permanent job.

  • An opportunity to understand the job before settling

    Finding a permanent job and settling is usually a competitive and rigorous experience. This is due to the many demands tied to the qualifications needed and the satisfaction you want to draw from the job. That is why considering quitting after three months of finding that the job wasn’t a good fit for you is a great challenge.

    Freelancing comes in handy to give you clarity on whether you want to settle for the job permanently or not. It is a way of tasting what the career would look like, earlier enough to avert the possibilities of exiting soon after launching your career.

  • It offers sustenance before employment

    The period between graduating from college and finding a job can be demanding. You need to put food on the table and meet other financial needs without being on payroll yet. Taking up a freelance gig will be a great way to earn a fortune that will help you meet your needs and keep your head above the water before you can find steady income.

  • The ultimate way to earn freedom

    You are young, and you have ambitions. You want to travel, start a project, or maybe join a volunteer organization. Freelancing offers you the freedom to work and earn while you are pursuing other goals. Hence, you can work remotely and make the most of your life with freelancing, something you would only dream about if you are on a full-time job.

  • You get the gig you love

    With freelancing, you have the freedom to choose the kind of work to do. That is, depending on where your passion lies, and where you want to spend your time and energy, you can choose the kind of work to do. That means that you will be in a position to offer great results and, therefore, high pay.

  • You will be free from redundancies

    As a freelancer, you work where your skills and knowledge are needed. You have the absolute freedom to choose the clients to work with and jettison those who become troublesome. Hence, you cannot be made redundant, and neither can you be sacked. Besides, you cannot be bullied or made to experience tough times in the workplace.

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How to get started with freelancing after college

By now, you have seen the evident benefits of freelancing, and you are wondering how to get started. If you are not good at tech, then do not worry. You do not need to be very savvy. Besides, you can always enlist technical support from managed service providers who can help should you have any challenges.  They can even help you as you grow in the freelance world into building a business out of it.

You can even build a remote team of freelancers as you grow. Just ensure you define your goals right from the start, pick a profitable freelance niche, identify your clients, find the right pricing, then build a portfolio and craft a proper advertising strategy to market your services.

Final word

Freelancing has become a popular way of launching careers. Many people are continually opting for freelancing for the benefits it offers them. If you are yet to decide, then we hope the benefits we have covered should be enough to convince you!

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