Guide and Online Writing Courses for Writers and Authors

Guide and Online Writing Courses for Writers and Authors
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    Writing is one of the most creative activities one can do.

    It challenges your creativity to a whole new level.


Writing is one of the most creative activities one can do. It challenges your creativity to a whole new level.

Building the story, organizing it and setting up the events, creating the main plot and the plot twists, the characters, their personalities, their relevancy to the story and their development through it, the world as well as the setting… There are too many things an author has to worry about when writing a story, and knowing how to do all of them right away is very rare.

What’s The Secret of Good Writing

That’s why usually writers try to study the art of writing and its many ramifications. World-building, history, character design,  character creation, and development, as well as how to organize relevant events and situations through the story depending on what you have in mind are some of the many examples people can study when it comes to writing.

Many authors try to find the best online writing course to increase their writing skills and knowledge, and they might turn to be pretty fruitful in the end, but there’s something that is pretty much a rule that everyone who wants to write should follow: consistency.

Consistency is all about practicing every day. Give some of your free time every single to improve little by little, and finish as many pieces of works as possible.

By finishing something, you’ll be able to review it whole and learn from it. Which things should be changed, which things can be improved, the things that should be completely deleted from the story.

Knowing how to plan a story, and which changes should be performed are very important things, but the steps taken before writing are also very important, and we are going to talk about them later on, but we will talk about routines first.

Writers Need to Be Consistent

If you stick to writing every day and practice your prose as well as your storytelling, you’ll definitely see an improvement after some time. In fact, writing every day is one of the many routines famous writers practice. As mentioned in this article, Ernest Hemingway and Haruki Murakami have claimed how important consistency is in terms of improving.

When Murakami is creating a new piece of work, he tries to write five to six hours every day during the morning, and he tries to keep the routine for more than five months. While he does it he tries to keep his physical and mental health at its best condition to have the will and health to keep on working on his story.

Hemmingway, on the other hand, tries to keep writing every morning so he has a fresh idea on how to continue what he wrote during the last morning. Other routines you can follow are included in the article, and if you are curious about it, you should give it a check.

But How Do You Actually Start Writing a Novel?

Well, there are some things you’ll have to do beforehand. Of course, consistency when it comes to creating a piece of work will always make you better, no matter if it is storytelling, drawing, or any type of activity involving practice.

But before you even consider creating a story you’ll have to think about the setting. A good example is focusing on an idea. If you have an idea in mind you can write something based on that idea. It can be an emotion, and character, a situation, an event, something that gets things going, a starting point for a character to change.

If you are having trouble deciding on an idea, I’d recommend you to read lots of books and stories to nourish your creativity and check some story archetypes to get some inspiration.

After you’ve decided on an idea, you should pick a location. Creating a world that is relatable within the context of the story will give you extra points at enticing readers. World-building is really difficult, though, and that’s why you can even find courses about it on the internet showcasing the knowledge and skills you should have when creating a world of your own, with its history, races, cultures, and customs.

Another important factor, and probably the most important after setting up the story and the plot, is the character creation process. Creating characters that matter is certainly hard. People usually commit the mistake of creating characters that are unimportant to the story, with no impact or personality whatsoever.

other valuable tips:

Some Other Key Tips On Good Writing and Story Telling

Creating a character is like creating a person: it needs a personality, a trait that makes them unique, they need development, emotions, motivations… Character creation it’s as difficult as creating a world, and since you’ll be constantly using them depending on their role in the story, it makes it even more complicated.

Another good thing to do is divide your story into three different acts, so it’ll be easier to organize and write. You should have a solid idea of the beginning and end of the story. What makes it harder is how you reach that ending from the beginning, and that’s where people struggle the most. You’ll need to feel that gap with content that is essential to the story, and the development of the characters and the plot twist happening between the beginning and the end.

Of course, there other nice tips you can follow. I recommend you check for more detailed advice on how to start creating a novel from the beginning. Of course, if you are serious about being an author, you can start online courses to improve in the areas you are lacking.

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