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Beyond Internship: Field Experience

College students seeking to gain experience in a particular field may pursue an internship.

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About College Campus Winter Break Visits

Tweet The gap between fall and spring academic semesters represents a four- to six-week winter break and you will be off from school yourself between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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5 Things to Consider Before Going to School for Game Design

Tweet By Sarah Danielson You know that it’s something that you and your friends enjoy, but for you, it goes a bit deeper than using it as a casual pastime.

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Should Internships Pay?

Tweet To pay or not…that is the question. This is where internships come in. Thousands of employers retain interns who are typically young, college-aged students who are seeking to gain

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Are You Ready to Take Your College Assessment Test?

Tweet College preparation is a lengthy process. Test Prep Both tests are important, but most colleges require students to have taken one or the other. The SAT is the most

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Colleges Fail to Teach Entrepreneurial Skills Poll Finds

Tweet That May 2011 released survey, which focused upon entrepreneurism and education, noted that traditional teaching methods don’t equip students to launch start-up operations later on. Formidable Global Competition Small

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5 Flight Attendant Training Schools

Tweet Specialized training for prospective cabin crewmembers If you’re looking to start a career in flying, then a college degree isn’t necessary to become a flight attendant. Certainly, you can

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6 Sports Medicine College Programs

Tweet Athletic training at the collegiate level. Sports-minded college students considering their medical matriculation options need only look to the area of sports medicine for a rewarding career. Athletic trainers

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College Jobs That Work For You

Tweet By Sarah Harris You thought you could go to college on scholarships and student loans, freeing yourself up to focus exclusively on your studies. But between the rising cost

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Ultrasound Technician Career Training Choices

Tweet Students bound for college sometimes find themselves at a loss for what they want to do when they arrive on campus. Some discover that the medical professions are right

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Casino College Has Students Hooked

Tweet You are not likely to rub shoulders with one particular college’s grads on Wall Street or Madison Avenue, but Casino Dealer College alumni may be working at a poker