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Personal Advice

What You Should Do to Keep Your Brain Healthy?

Within the past decade, there has been a rise in brain health. While in the past, staying healthy mainly included physical fitness and diet; but with Alzheimer’s and dementia rising rapidly, there has been a major push for brain health.

Career Planning

College Students: How To Land The Best Internship For You

Finding the right internship can do everything from providing you with some much needed savings to giving you the edge you need for getting started in the career of your choice. Here are some tips to getting where you want to be in the world of internships.

College Living

College orientation – an Experience You Cannot Miss

Colleges have an orientation as a way to help incoming students in their transition into the college. The orientation programs are designed in a way that both the student and their families will feel the smooth transition from high school to college.


6 Best Android Apps for Students

Students expend a lot of effort balancing a social life, extracurricular activities, and studying to do well in their courses.

Student Loans

Paying for College – Which Type of Student Loan Do I Choose?

You have the credit card, the student loan and the freedom to be responsible with yourself without the immediate obligatory parental permit –– well, at least that may be what it seems.

Job Search

What a Career as a Plumber is Actually Like

A career as a plumber can be quite lucrative. Most individuals and industries will require a plumber at some stage. In fact, quite likely many times, so it is a fairly reliable career choice.

Job Search

Benefits Of Immigration Consultant Training

Learn how to become an immigration expert. Immigrating to a foreign country is challenging; immigrants must learn a new language, adapt to the new time zone, and, most importantly, assimulate into a new culture.

Book Reviews

A Look at Some Summer Reading Suggestions for Pleasure

The summer is a gift that people earn by bearing nine months of rain and gloom bravely. During this season, the skies are clear, there is little or no humidity, and the evenings are cool. The best part of it is that an individual can get a chance to sit outside and read a book.

Career Planning

How Much Money do Patent Lawyers Make?

Patent lawyers get higher salaries in comparison to lawyers. This is because of the fact that they have done specialization in a particular field by taking additional courses. The average salary of patent lawyer in U.S.A is about $180000.

Online Education

Stay-at-Home Teacher: Best Online Programs for Better Homeschooling

The decision to homeschool brings with it the need for great commitment and focus, but can also provide great satisfaction as well.

Money Tips

How to Save Money in College – 4 Tips for Thrifty College Students

Most of the college students are tight on budget and thus always looking for ways to save some money. There are various effective methods that can help you save money college life.

Campus Cars

How Old You Should Be To Rent a Car in the U.S.A

If you are planning to rent a car in U.S.A, there are a number of agencies that provide such services. The car rental depends on a number of factors like the car you choose and the duration.