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Education Tips

What to do When You Home School Your Child and Still Work Full Time

Tweet In today’s society, the majority of families are dual income earners. Someone that wants to switch their children from public school or home school may shy away from the

Education Tips

How to Go From Homeschool to College

Tweet Preparing for college when homeschooled. One area of concern families have regarding homeschooling is college. Parents are preparing their children for life beyond homeschool, fully expecting that their students

Book Reviews

Book Review: Online Education for Dummies

I must admit that I’m not a big fan of the various “For Dummies” reference books that have surfaced over the past two decades.

Education Tips

Navigating the Path From Homeschool to College

Tweet Millions of students are or have been homeschooled, the product of a movement that has been around for decades, but has gained strength in recent years. Dissatisfied with their