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College Planning

From High School to College: How Parents Can Help Their Kids Find the Right School

Tweet The right college will allow your kid to learn crucial career skills and work with dedicated professors in his or her chosen field. However, given the options in the

Money Tips

How To Invest $1000 While In college and Earn Millions of Dollars After 3-5 Years

Tweet The problem with this question is that it is fundamentally skewed. You should ask yourself where and how should I invest limited resources and still get the highest returns

Career Planning

Career Profile: Project Manager

Tweet Any time an industry is experiencing growth, the demand for highly skilled professionals will grow as well. As the project management industry continues to grow, it’s important for prospective

Education Tips

Top 4 Tips to Improve Your Grades (and Happiness) in College

Tweet When it comes to college, the success or failure of the students is determined by the amount of effort they put into studying. The secret to success is hard

Money Tips

Making Money Safely Online While Studying

Tweet Though you are essentially at college to study for and earn your degree, at the same time you have an innate desire to live; to experience for the first

Education Tips

What to do When You Home School Your Child and Still Work Full Time

Tweet In today’s society, the majority of families are dual income earners. Someone that wants to switch their children from public school or home school may shy away from the

College Planning

How to Overcome College Admission Terrors

Tweet Even if you are a high school junior, this time of year includes added stress, as upcoming midterms will have a significant effect on your all-important junior year GPA.

Money Tips

Students, Wake Up – You Can Be a Millionaire

Tweet However, to be among the few student millionaires around, you will need to know what makes a millionaire and what you must do while still schooling. What Makes a


How to Successfully Obtain The Scholarship of Your Dreams

Tweet Concentrate on your special skills Take your time and consider your strong and weak points. What do people like about you the most? Have you got any experience or

Career Planning

Why You Don’t Need to Get a Job Immediately After Graduation

Tweet The time after graduating is the best time for you to sit down and think about what to do. Write down all your goals. You may think that it


Free College Education – How America can Benefit

Tweet The following are among the reasons why college education should be free for everyone. Higher economic growth Free college tuition would not only benefit the students who would receive

Job Search

4 Things Business Majors Should Learn Before Hitting the Job Market

Tweet Here are four things in particular that all recent graduates should learn before trying to enter the job market How to Apply for Jobs Before a business major even