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Push to Unionize Adjunct Faculty Gains Steam

Your college instructor may be qualified, capable and enthusiastic, but beneath the surface this individual may be struggling financially. College adjunct faculty members are used to plugging critical holes in academia, yet they often do so at wages that are far lower than what their tenured counterparts earn.

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Career Choice: Medical Assistants

Visit any doctor’s office and you may be met by a team of medical professionals before you see your physician.

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Career Choice: Clinical Data Managers

Clinical data managers are a type of statistician. These professionals are tasked with applying their knowledge of healthcare and database management to analyze clinical data as well as to identify and report trends.

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Career Choice: Biomass Plant Technicians

So-called “green jobs” are growing and it has little to do with sunlight, water or good soil. What has happened is that people want, no they are demanding that the earth be cleansed and left in good shape for generations to come.

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Career Choice: Health Educator

Tweet A health educator also encourages people to embrace healthy eating habits, by evaluating and implementing programs that lead to improved nutrition. A bachelor’s degree is generally required for this

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Looking for Work? Make it McDonald’s!

Tweet If you’re preparing to graduate from college in the coming weeks and are looking for full-time work, your local McDonald’s restaurant may have a job for you. No, you

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Job Outlook Offers Mixed Bag For New Grads

Tweet Students who are finishing up their college studies this month or next are finding that their job prospects are rather limited. However, for those who are able to find