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A Brief History of the Anatomical Sciences

The anatomical sciences have a long and fascinating history, the earliest existing record of which dates back to 1600 BC. Detailing the systems of the body and the functions of the different organs.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Clinical Data Managers

Clinical data managers are a type of statistician. These professionals are tasked with applying their knowledge of healthcare and database management to analyze clinical data as well as to identify and report trends.

NCAA Football

This Summer Week in College Football

Just four weeks from now the 2014 college football season will be underway.

Personal Advice

Making Money and the College Student

Stories about impoverished college students abound. Typically, the narrative goes something like this: students have barely enough money to pay for tuition, fees and books, with perhaps just enough money left over to subsist on Ramen noodles.

College Planning

Making Application: A College Scholarship and Your Personal Statement

If you are planning to apply for one or more college scholarships you are making a smart decision. A college scholarship can help defray at least some of the costs related to your academic pursuits.

Campus News

About Cornell NYC Tech

New York City will soon welcome a new university. Cornell NYC Tech, a partnership between Cornell University and Technion — Israel Institute of Technology, is under construction and will be located on Roosevelt Island in the city’s East River.

Campus News

Education City: Academia Rises in Qatar

Qatar (pronounced cutter) is home to just over 2 million people, a sovereign Arab country found on the northeasterly coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders Saudi Arabia and is a nation of tremendous wealth, due to oil production.

Campus News

University of Michigan: US Roads Are Safer

American highways and byways take the lives of tens of thousands of people each year. A number of factors are at play here including: drunk driving, inexperienced drivers and poor road conditions.

Career Planning

5 Job Searching Tips for New Graduates

If you’re like most new graduates, the idea of getting out into the real world and searching for a job terrifies you.

Collegiate Sports

College Football Hall of Fame Schedules Aug. Opening Date

Fans of college football will soon have a new College Football Hall of Fame location to visit. The National Football Foundation announced last week that the new facility will open in Aug.


What Can Your DNA Tell You?

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NCAA Football

Looking Ahead: College Football 2014

Within the next few weeks, college football players will report to camp. Throughout much of August they will be preparing for the first games of the season.