Leaving School When The Offer Is Too Good To Stay


When you began college, did you fully expect to finish school with at least a bachelor’s degree? Lots of students pursue higher education expecting to complete what they started, but for some students stopping their academic initiative could be the best decision they ever made.Career SelectionContrary to generally accepted opinions, quitting college makes perfect sense for a select group of students especially the following gifted high achievers:

The Internet Brainiac — Bill Gates is a college drop out who founded Microsoft, Michael Dell quit the University of Texas, while Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak left school to co-found Apple. Had any of these students continued with their studies, what would computer technology look like today? Maybe it would appear nearly the same, but other adventurers could have jumped in had these smart guys hesitated and stayed in school.

The Business Mogul — Not everyone has the intellect to start an internet start up, but plenty of people have a business idea that is unique and likely to catch on. Ted Turner was not an ideal student, reportedly he was kicked out of college. Turner launched CNN and has made billions through his various business ventures. Sir Richard Branson, one of the richest and most influential people in the world, didn’t even bother to go to college.

The Sports Superstar — With the college football season now over, lots of talented football players with one or more years of eligibility remaining will quit school and head to the NFL. Can you blame them? Texas Longhorn RB Jamaal Charles announced he will leave school for the NFL and Rutgers Scarlet Knights RB Ray Rice is considering doing the same. The pay off? A cool multi-million salary package — something that isn’t guaranteed if these players were to decide to stay in school and are seriously injured in their final years on the college gridiron.

Clearly, only a tiny segment of students may want to consider quitting college for other pursuits. If you do leave early, you can always get your degree part time through independent study. Of course, if you are making it just fine without a degree, then the piece of paper won’t make much of a difference for you. Besides, donating millions to your almost alma mater can be the nicest gesture you’ll ever make!


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