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U.S. Senate Investigates College Endowment Practices

Tweet Many top tier colleges and universities in the U.S. are sitting on a pile of cash, endowments built up over years of fund-raising, corporate giving, and investing. Now, the

FAFSA Form Tips

About EFC (Expected Family Contribution)

Tweet The government uses the submitted FAFSA form to calculate “Expected Family Contribution” (EFC). The EFC is a measure of the family’s financial strength and the amount of resources the

NCAA Basketball

Men’s Basketball – Who Is Best?

Tweet I haven’t been paying that much attention to NCAA men’s basketball much this year, although two local teams — Duke and North Carolina — are doing quite well, but

Fun News

What’s Your Frat?

Tweet The college experience, at least for some students, is best spent through membership in fraternities and sororities, those “Greek” clubs where all sorts of debauchery is practiced. Okay, fraternities

Campus Cars

Finding and Buying Your College Car

Tweet SayCampusLife is beginning a new category of discussion, Campus Cars, to cover everything behind owning a car while attending college. This is the first of what will be many

Career Planning

Advance Your Career “SPOTLIGHT”

Tweet Help me prepare and select … a graduate program and school When it comes to planning your education, we have a complete section dedicated to student planning options and

Campus News

New York AG Investigates Northwestern

Tweet For college students, studying abroad can be a terrific way to expand their horizons and include that experience on their resume. Many corporations are looking for students who have

Career Planning

Career Prep: Negotiating Your Salary

Tweet In our most recent Career Prep series, Fielding Tough Interview Questions, we examined typical employer questions designed to reveal your character and weed out undesirable job candidates. Almost every

FAFSA Form Tips Finance

Filing Your FAFSA Form – Some Tips

Tweet Submitting Your FAFSA Form: Summary Review Over the past couple weeks, we have posted two articles about submitting the FAFSA form for student financial aid.  We had you download the paper application

Campus News

This Nittany Lion Is A Real Nitwit!

Tweet He is either a risky entreprenuer, an unwise student, or both, but one thing that an unnamed Penn State student is, is busted. According to the Daily Collegian, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s

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SayStudent, Refreshed and Overhauled

Tweet As part of the nBuy Associates network of websites, SayCampusLife is associated with several other websites including SayStudent, an online destination dedicated to helping students and their families find financial aid. Just

Campus News

Small Colleges Feeling Pressure To Reduce Tuition

Tweet Last month, SayCampusLife made mention of the initiative some colleges and universities are undertaking to reduce tuition for their students. Specifically, several upper echelon schools with annual education costs