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Career Planning

Advance Your Career SPOTLIGHT

Tweet Business Career Certificates Advancing your business career may require further education in management, project development and other executive management skills. What type of career development would you need to

Fun News

Rating Your Professor, Online

Tweet At the end of the semester, many colleges have their professors pass sheets of paper to their students to gain some feedback on the class and on their teaching

Fun News

How Will You Spend Your Spring Break?

Tweet Spring break is a time of excess, wild debauchery on par with ancient Rome, at least that is how some people depict this week of off-campus rest and relaxation.

Personal Advice

Health Insurance: Are You Covered?

Tweet As a college student, it is easy to overlook medical coverage when considering college costs. After all, you are young and vibrant and if you come down with strep

FAFSA Form Tips

The EFC Formula (for Students)

Tweet Last week, we reviewed the EFC Formula for Parents of Dependent Students.  With this posting, we are going to review the formula used for students. EFC is a measure

Campus News Education Tips

Free Tests For College Credit In Minnesota

Tweet The state of Minnesota is offering a unique program for high school students: free college credits are being given to those who take (and pass) certain state-approved tests. Unfortunately,

Campus Cars

Chevy Aveo: The Lowest Priced Car In America

Tweet Affording a new car is difficult these days for some consumers as prices continue to climb upwards to an average of just under $30,000. Certainly, luxury cars pull that

Career Planning

Advance Your Career SPOTLIGHT

Tweet Web Artist – Web Developers If you like working with the web, you might consider a career in web design and development.  This we know, web based technology and

Personal Advice

You Can Still Eat Healthy On A Budget

Tweet Not every college student wants to “feast” regularly on campus food, choosing to forgo dining hall grub in favor of other culinary delights. Pizza and beer seem to be

Personal Advice

Dorm Free, But Furnishings Are Needed

Tweet Ask a handful of college students who live on campus what they think of dorm life and you’ll probably get a bunch of different answers including: “Its cool. I

Campus News

NYU Will Open A New Campus

Tweet Far from the teeming metropolis of New York, a university that bears the city’s name is planning to open up a new campus. No, I’m talking about a campus

FAFSA Form Tips Finance

The EFC Formula

Tweet The “Expected Family Contribution” (EFC) is a measure of the family’s financial strength and the amount of resources the family has available to pay for education. The government uses